Hi guys! Today we will be talking about a really cool and some what tiresome project that I did for school. You can see the final product above. Our goal was, with our group, to recreate a short horror film called RUN! This was a hard thing to do because there were many steps that we had to take and the filming process took awhile. I was in a group with Kaden, Angelo and I. This was a pretty good group except for the fact that Angelo had to leave for a few days meaning that we had to film his parts first.

Of course before we could get to the fun part of actually filming we first had to watch the original video, make screenplays, storyboards, and call sheets. Honestly, I can’t count the number of times that we watched the original video to make sure that our remake was on point. The first thing that we did was take a personality test. This was done in order to find out our strengths and weaknesses so that we could work effectively ctivly in a group. I thought that this was really cool and a really fun thing to do. Then we made a screenplay which is basically of script of what you see and hear in the video. Luckily there was no dialogue in the film so we didn’t have to worry about that during the remake. Like any good teacher would do, our teacher then had us make a storyboard which is basically a drawing of what the screenplay is or an animated version. This include time signatures so that we know how long each shot is. And of course we have to make sure that everyone is good to film, has costumes and knows what’s going on which is when the call sheet comes in. I find that the screenplay is one of those things that is nessecary and convenient, but at the same time annoying and teadious to do.

Next was the actual filming process. This took awhile because we had to find a good location. This had to be a spot with a path, trees, and a log on the right side. Luckily we didn’t take too long finding the spot that we used. It took us a lot longer to film then we had originally thought due to the fact that it was raining. On top of that we hadn’t realized how popular the path that we used was. Every few minutes we would have to wait while a jogger passed by. However other than that, we were able to get the shots that we wanted thanks to the storyboard.

Then came the editing. The first time we got a roughly completed video, we ended up using the audio from the original video. However, since we were supposed to recreate the film, we also had to recreate the audio. In the end we also ended up retaking our shots after a peer critique session. It had been pointed out that we were missing a few shots and the timing was off in some clips. The only problem was that we didn’t have the same costume as before. In the end we had to retake most of our clips so that it looked like it was all shot at the same time and didn’t look weird. So in the end, we have, our final product!