Hi guys! I am so excited for this week because it focuses on music. I may not have mentioned it but I love music. If you read my about page you will find that I love singing too. On top of that, I am in band and play the clarinet. So what will I be talking about? The clarinet of course!

The Clarinet

The clarinet is a wind instrument and is a younger instrument compared to the other. It is said to have been first invented by a Nuremberg instrument maker, Johann Christopher Denner. This was at the start of the eighteenth century. Now some of you may be reading this and is thinking “what are you talking about? Have you not seen the movies? There are clarinets that are made of bones! They’ve been around for so long, and your telling me that it’s young! What?” We’ll, sorry to disappoint but the instrument that you are thinking of is probably a Chalumeau which is more like a recorder and is used to play in lower registers.

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, the Clarinet is not actually a low register instrument. True, it can go low however, it can also hit the higher notes. The Clarinet is one of the highest instruments compared to its size. This is a little hard to explain so I apologize if it’s confusing, but I will do my best. Basically, there are many instruments that can play notes higher than the Clarinet (like the Flute) but the Clarinet can go very high for the size of the instrument. This means that the way that the air flows through the instrument changes allowing the instrument to have 3 different registers. The lower register, the high register, and the extreme register. The low and high register are exactly what they sound like; the low and higher version of the scale. The extreme register though, is even higher than the high register. I have been playing Clarinet for 5 years and I still can quite get into the extreme register. The extreme register it the really high notes, note as high as a Flute can go. You can make it sound pretty, but it can also just sound like a lot of screeching and squeaking that is not pleasant.

I can keep talking about this forever however, I’m sure I will bore you so I will move on. Alright so, who’s tired of all that writing? I sure am. In order to take a break I decided that I would make a playlist of songs. Basically, I have picked out 5 songs each from a different genre. Check them out below:

Genre: Country Artist: Eric Church Song: Some of it

Genre: Comedy Rock Artist: Axis of Awesome Song: Phones *explicit content at the end

Genre: Emo Artist: Benny Song: Little Game

Genre: Hip Hop Artists: Machine Gun Kelly, X ambassadors, Bebe Rexha

Song: Home

Genre: Chill Artist: Alec Benjamin Song: If We Had Each Other

I hope you enjoyed those songs! Comment which you liked best and tell me what song you like best. Finally, please take this survey that I created all about music! Come back next week for the results!

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I hope you guys learned something and has as much fun as I did while I was writing this post. If your also a music fan like me, please comment down below and I will be more than happy to talk to you! See you next week.