Week 4 is all about freedom. The freedom of choice. So what do I do with that freedom? Write about buttons of course! Let’s not question it. So let’s get into it!

What Are Buttons?

I’m sure that you are all wondering the same question. “What are these mysterious objects that you call buttons?” Well, I’m here to clear that mystery up for you. Button are usually round object used to hold clothing together. The formal definition is that it’s a small faster that is used to hold 2 pieces of clothing together. Need a picture?

There you go! Seen them before? That’s cause they most commonly seen in fashion. Now, I’m not a fashion nerd myself, but I really like doing crafts, and buttons can be used in crafts.

History Of Buttons

So, where did this idea start? Well let’s go back to the

Do I like Buttons?

Yes, in fact I think that they are very useful although writing this post made me realize the lack of button that I actually have in my wardrobe. In terms of fashion, I’m not that great at keeping up with trends. I’m one of those people that chose comfort over appearance and usually cloths with buttons on them are fairly fashionable. Not to say that clothing without buttons aren’t.

Yes, I’m weird. So, what did you learn? Is there anything else I didn’t mention? Cool facts that you know? Comment and let me know what you think!