It is currently November! And you know what that means? Christmas is coming! Hi guys, today I will be talking about the holidays. Now, my family isn’t actually that big in celebrations but we still have a lot of fun. My family really only celebrates the main holiday’s: Christmas,  Birthdays, and Halloween (if you count that). Like I said, we aren’t too big on celebrations. Last year, we almost forgot about Christmas.

Like most people, we celebrate by getting a tree, decorating it, and opening presents. Each year, around 2 weeks before, we write up a list of things that we want/need. Then, that list is hung up near the dining room so that everyone can look at them for reference. Then each of us buys one or 2 things for each family member. Most of the time, we don’t actually stick to the list but it’s there if we can’t think of anything. Last year, we had the list up, but everyone was really busy so it wasn’t really our major focus. I didn’t buy my gifts until almost the day before. After present swapping, we usually go skiing or just do our own thing for the day. However, on Christmas Eve is when we always have our big Christmas dinner. This is because we have a tradition with a family friend of ours to go to church (though I’m not religious) and then to their house for dinner. This is always something we had done and after dinner us kids would go and watch a movie, though it’s not usually a festive one. We would hang out for a while until our parents stopped socializing, which usually takes a while.

Finally, here is a poem that I wrote about Christmas:

Merry Christmas and joy to all

are you happy with your doll

the way you play and laugh and sing

the doll is happy it feels like spring

but it’s winter and snow falls white

And all around we see bright lights

the Christmas spirit is in the air

Merry Christmas, where all is fair