Hi guys! Today is officially the last week of the blogging challenge. This year was a lot of fun!

My favourite challenge would have to be week 5. I really like music so this gave me a chance to rant and talk a lot. If you read my about page you should know that this is my second year doing the blogging challenge. Personally I liked this year better for a few reasons. The first is because I now actually know how to blog. Last year I was still figuring that out which made these challenges a lot more of a hassle. I am really glad that the challenges didn’t repeat so there was a new thing every week and the mystery really made it exciting. I was able to complete all of the challenges and had a lot of fun though I would be lying if I said I completed all of them in time. If anything I think that it would be interesting if there was a challenge that was a collaborative one that you did with a partner. Other than that to be honest I don’t really have any criticism.

I will definitely keep blogging, probably mostly for school but I will defiantly try to get out and find more things to write about. I would definitely encourage other people to try this challenge because it’s fun and a great way to connect with other people.