Hi guys! Today I will be talking all about a live event video that I made! What’s a live event video you ask? Well, it’s basically a video about an event that you went to and you make it seem more like the viewer is there with you. You can see an example of a live event when you go to sports games. They have a big screen in the middle where that shows a video of what’s going on. I basically did that except that it was prerecorded. While working on this video I was trying to use 3 main competencies. These competencies were there to help, guide my learning and made it easier for me to reflect on my work. These competencies are; Empowered learner, Creative Communicator, and Navigating Ideas. So why don’t we use these competencies to take us through what I did?

Empowered learner

I used iMovie to create my live event video and I found that using iMovie which is a tool that we’ve used all term, all year, and still being able to find different ways to use it, was really fun. I found different ways to put videos together to maximize the amount of time I had and still make an amazing video. I learned how to use the split screen which is a new tool that I found while reading one of the books that we were suggested called “ everyone can create.” The reason why I decided to make a live event video on this Japanese school was because I have been attending this school since I was around three years old. After I graduated I decides to come back and volunteer to help the younger kids learn. I do not regret that decision at all. I think that it is a really fun experience and I want to share it because in this school, there is a huge age variety. Most people who attend this school speak both English and Japanese like me, so it’s really interesting to see how all these bilingual people gather in this one place and share a learning experience. I decide that I want to express our experience which is why I decided to make my live video on it.


Creative Communicator 

In my video you will notice that I haven’t actually spoken all that much. In fact the only time that I actually spoke was when I was translating what my teacher said in the interview. This is a weird thing for a Live Event video but I decided that I wanted what was on the screen to speak more than what I might have said. I did use live titles which is basically text on the screen so that people wouldn’t be too confuse or lost but I decided that it would be more powerful for my video if it didn’t have me speaking in the background. I would just like to say that translating everything, though it wasn’t as hard as I imagined, getting the timing right and making sure that people could still hear what was being said was a big challenge for me in this video. Making a video that uses more than one language is a challenging in and of itself which I found was made this experience a lot more exciting. Due to the fact that my life event was a school and a place of learning I needed to be on top of communicating with teachers and parents and more teachers and the students, because I needed their permission to film them.  Not only that but if you could see in the video, there was a guest speaker which was part of the reason why I decided to make a video of the Japanese school. I had to be talking with her as well to make sure it was OK to film and share their work.


Navigate Ideas

This competency was all about taking creative risks and I think that I definitely did that with this project. They were the three main risk that I took with choosing to film at the school. The first one was definitely the language barrier, being able to translate everything was a challenge. Putting it all in a video and making sure that it was understandable and the grammar was correct was even more of a challenge. I managed to get through thanks to my Japanese speaking mother and English speaking father, and google translate. The second risk that I took was with the filming. The day of filming had to be pushed back because sadly there was a storm and the school had to close due to the fact that a giant tree had fallen down near the entrance of the school. So at that point I had to ask myself whether or not I wanted to continue pursuing this event or if I want to change the event itself. I talked with my teacher and decided that I wanted to continue trying to film the Japanese school as my event. I got an extension for my video so that I could finish it with all the editing and have enough time to finish. The third risk I took was probably with editing the video. I’m taking more risks than what I originally thought that I would. I explored using the iMovie tool a lot more which came with the reward of the split screening and the live titles, which turned out better than what I expected. Live titles were really useful in dividing up the English and Japanese portion of the video so that both came through and both could be understood. I also put a lot of work into transitioning with the song making sure that the audio kept playing while the visuals changed and kind of showed the environment in which these kids were learning. I also used Keynote for my animations which is basically the title slide and the ending slide. Keynote is a tool that I’ve used before and I continuously find is good for making animations and I especially love using them for the title and ending slides.


I discovered a lot with doing this project and developed a lot of skills that will defiantly use in the future.