Hi guy! Today I will be talking about what I learned in science. We were learning about atomic bonding and how atoms work. We were given the task to make a animation that explains how atoms work using 2 different examples. One had to be a bond between 2 of the same covenant compound, while the other was a bond between a multitalented metal and a polyatomic compound.

In order to make this animation I used an app called Explain Everything. This was defiantly not my favorite animating tool because I found that it glitched a lot. However, it is really good for explanation videos and I ended up working out.

For this project we were mainly focusing on 4 competencies and I will be going through how I demonstrated each of them.

The first competency is the Big idea. Did I accurately show how atoms bonded and was it animated in a way that the audience could understand? I think that I defiantly did do this because if you watch the video you can learn about atomic bonding and hopefully understand it. I also demonstrated my understanding with the types of words that I was using to describe how binding works while keeping in mind who the audience might be.

The second competency that I demonstrated is communicating. Is it understandable? Like I mentioned before I think that I did a good job in keeping in mind who my audience is while still being able to teach them about the bonding process. You can however easily hear, or not so easily hear, the voiceover. The volume setting was all over the place which made it hard to actually understand what was going on. I think that I could defiantly improve this by checking the audio beforehand and listening to it without headphones on.

The next competency was  processing and analyzing. This was the one that I personally had the most trouble on. The main focus for this competency was about the actual exchange of atoms and how it was shown in the Bohr model. Making sure that all of the electrons were in the right place was a big struggle for me and I had my classmate, Felix helping me a lot. I also made sure to ask my teacher about the Bohr models and went back many many times to revise it. I also had a lot of trouble identifying whether or not, after the bond, if the 2 atoms would share  atoms or not and showing their charge. In the end I did manage to show the sharing and exchange of the atoms rather correctly but I accidentally left out the charge when the stuck together.

Finally the last competency was basically whether or not i am able to use my class time effectively. I definitely think that I am good at this because I don’t really get that distracted and am fairly good at staying on task.