listen to my podcast trailer here.

Hi guys welcome back to my blog. This is my second post since school started up. Today we are talking about a project I did about, you guessed it, podcasts! This project was all about identity and telling the oral story. So figuring out how to tell an effective story using only the oral part. So what did we do?

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The first thing that we did was a quick introduction into to oral storytelling. So knowing basically nothing about story telling besides, the basics, we went off and told a story. Listening to the play back I found the I sound really young on audio. This made me realize that talking in the standard storytelling voice wasn’t going to work for my podcast. What I did like about the recording was when I was talking about my thoughts on the story my voice sounded a lot more mature. As such that led me to the style of podcast that I ended up choosing. This style is more of a biased, and expressive one where I am talking to the audience rather than spitting facts. 

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The second thing that we did before actually starting on our podcast was deciding what it is we bring that is unique to our podcast. In order to do this I looked at myself and listed who I am and what makes me unique. In order to do this I created a gif about my identity and wrote a post(link) about what I realized about myself. In the end I decided that, since anime originated in Japan, my Japanese background would be what makes my podcast unique. 

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Finally we started on our podcast trailer. Before we could record I had to make a plan and a script. This way it would be easier to record in one take. My plan was short and simple.

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I stuck with that plan without changing it and am still very happy with how it turned out. I refined the plan and turned it into the scrip that I used.

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Then I recorded. It took me 3 takes in order to get the one I wanted. The first take ended up like this.

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I found that in this one my voice was too quiet and it sounded very grainy. On top of that I didn’t incorporate anything Japanese which was my biggest thing that made me unique.

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In this one I re-recorded myself and added the Japanese aspect to it but it still sounded grainy.

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Finally I fixed the Japanese audio and adjusted the sound to make it smooth through the transitions.


I personally really like this project because it gave me the opportunity to express myself and my interests.