Hi guys! This post will be focussed on a project podcast that I did in school. This project was focussed on creating podcast about a topic that we enjoy. Naturally I chose anime. However we didn’t stop there. Our first premier episode had to answer our driving question

Who is the greatest Canadian? 

I decided that the greatest Canadian was Martha Walden. It took me longer than I would have wanted, in order to find a Canadian who was both greatly influential and involved in anime. In case you don’t know the majority of influential people involved in anime are not Canadian. In fact you would have a hard time finding someone who is Canadian. That being said I found someone. Martha Walden. 

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something that I really like in this project was making the script. I personally read practically word for word of my script, so making sure that it made since and had proper features was important. Features is the text that is different from the body. They are what tells me what to emphasize when talking, when to take a breath, how long that section should be and so on. Most of these also went into the transcript. The difference between a transcript and a script is the amount of detail that is put into it. I used the transcript in order to record my final podcast, and my script to record my drafts to figure out what worked and what didn’t.


As you can see, my script has some time stamps, who is talking when, what words to emphasize, and where to take breaths. This is really helpful because it shows me how to speak and where.


The transcript is my podcast word for word. if show who is talking, who says what, when they say it, what edits are happening. It also shows the music in the background as well as the ambience.

The recording of the podcast was done in two parts. The first was the interviews and the other was recording myself as the host. I found that recording and editing the interview was really easy to do and didn’t take that much time because I knew what my perspective was and I wanted what the interviewees said to support that. As such I could easily pick up what supported my point and what didn’t. The second part of recording was recording myself which was more of a challenge. I found that because the script was so long I had to record it in bits in order to make it easier for myself. Because of this editing became really difficult, as I had to adjust volumes and transitions so that the overall podcast sounded whole.

– Final product here

In the end, this project made me realize how important tourism is for Canada’s economy, and through researching Martha Walden, I convinced myself that she really is the greatest Canadian. I enjoyed this podcast now that it is done, but I defiantly felt stressful at times, and there are a lot of things that I wish I had done differently.