Disneyland is an escape from the everyday cares of reality. That is the illusion that Disney sells. Disneyland is a manifestation of that illusion. And people bought it. Disneyland was created after WW2 and people wanted to forget about the conflicts and violence. So what better way to escape then a fun filled fantasy theme park? People were all over it. So what was so appealing about these rides? Let’s talk about one of them in particular. The Mad Tea Party. A ride for all ages and one that didn’t change over the years. Why? Because people couldn’t over think it. There is practically nothing controversial about spinning teacups. As such it was one of the only opening rides that hasn’t changed. They did move it from where the Arthur King Carrousel is currently to next to the Alice in Wonderland ride. However, other than a few safety changes, the ride itself hasn’t changed over the years. Thanks to it’s set-your-own-pace kind of feel, the ride is always busy and has at least a 10min wait time. The adaptivity of the park has kept it as a fantasy filled utopia that provides an escape from reality to this day.