Today we will be talking all about the 1950s and as you might have guessed, my new episode from my podcast. Our driving question for this project was: How did Canadian life develop after WW2? My conclusion to this was that Canadian life improved thanks to technology within the home.

I started searching for the answer to this question thanks to the influence of the Deep Cove Heritage Society or DCHS for short(link). They dedicate their time to collecting photos and stories in order to maintain the Deep Cove history. I would highly recommend checking them out and sending them any photos or stories that you have to share! They have some awesome photos from the 1950’s to now and you can see the comparisons and changes that have occurred. Below you can see some of these photos.

+DCHS photos+

I was really impressed by the amount of influence technology has in shaping today’s world. Technology within the home after WW2 skyrocketed. Televisions where introduced into the home and targeted ads were in the majority. In my final essay I was able to connect that with the baby boom and the family oriented society after WW2, came inventions to help with family oriented activities. Such as the invention of the blender to help housewives move around more efficiently in the kitchen. It is very interesting to see how quickly economy and business can adapt to social norms and needs of the time.

+photos of before vs now (I.e cars, suburbs, televisions)+