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An Asian invasion!



Summative post

Today we will be talking all about the 1950s and as you might have guessed, my new episode from my podcast. Our driving question for this project was: How did Canadian life develop after WW2? My conclusion to this was… Continue Reading →

Japans influence in Canada

Hi guys welcome back to my blog. Today we will be talking about how Japan has influenced the world with its technologies and inventions. What I find very interesting is that Japan only came into the world radar around the… Continue Reading →

Disney land and “fake” happiness

Disneyland is an escape from the everyday cares of reality. That is the illusion that Disney sells. Disneyland is a manifestation of that illusion. And people bought it. Disneyland was created after WW2 and people wanted to forget about the… Continue Reading →

Podcast – WW2 and Hiroshima

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today we will be talking about WW2 and the Hiroshima bombing. Or at least what I learned about them. In order to share my learning I made my next podcast episode about WW2… Continue Reading →

Project Podcast – The Greatest Canadian

Hi guys! This post will be focussed on a project podcast that I did in school. This project was focussed on creating podcast about a topic that we enjoy. Naturally I chose anime. However we didn’t stop there. Our first… Continue Reading →


listen to my podcast trailer here. Hi guys welcome back to my blog. This is my second post since school started up. Today we are talking about a project I did about, you guessed it, podcasts! This project was all about… Continue Reading →


TPols 2020

  TPols is all about reflecting on your learning, and this year there was a lot of things that didn’t go as planned. One cannot talk about 2020 without mentioning COVID 19. COVID 19 was a big unplanned event that… Continue Reading →

Destination Imagination Continues

This whole month has been a blur. Especially because of Covid 19. Events have been cancelled, parks closed, and even the number of people you can meet has been limited. This means that the provincials tournament had to be cancelled…. Continue Reading →

Destination Imagination

Welcome back to DI. Destination Imagination is back again and I have just finished regionals in my group. If you remember my last post in DI you would know that last year I was in the technical challenge. This year… Continue Reading →

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