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An Asian invasion!


Student challenge!

Images and week 3

Hi guys! Welcome back. This is week 3 of the blogging challenge, and this weeks topic is very interesting! This week is all about how to use photos properly. So I decided to create this poster that you all can… Continue Reading →

Comments 101

Today is just going to be a quick post on some guidelines that I have for posting on my blog. I would appreciate it if you all follow these! Check out this video;

Bloggers are back!

Welcome back guys! The blogging challenge is officially back and let me tell you, I am incredibly exited! This is my second year doing the blogging challenge and I encourage you all to check out my about page. Today I… Continue Reading →

Recommended, Hell yes!

Hi guys, sorry for not posting for a while, I am back! In this post I am talking about whether or not I would recommend the Blogging challenge to other people for week 10 of said blogging challenge. The answer… Continue Reading →

Coding? Easy

This week the theme for the blogging challenge was coding. For my hour of code, I did the mine craft coding challenge. I also did the flappy bird one, but it was outside of the hour of code so I… Continue Reading →

Week 8

Hi guys. Happy holidays! For this weeks challenge I decided to decorate my blog! I also made a GIF that you guys can see in the featured image. You can make these by searching brush ninja. It is very easy… Continue Reading →

Week 6, Why is the sky blue?

Hi guys, I’m here today to talk to you about week 6 of the student blogging challenge, science! Let’s get right into it! my driving question was why the sky is blue, or at least to our eyes. Turns out,… Continue Reading →


Who doesn’t love emoji’s? I certainly do. Hi guys, it nice to talk again. Today I want to show you a few things I’ve made out of emoji’s, for this weeks challenge. I decided that I would make a few… Continue Reading →

Week 5!!

Hi there! We are getting into the start of week five and I was thrilled when I heard that there was an option to do a book review! As you probably guessed , that’s what I’m going to be talking… Continue Reading →

Pandas?( week 7)

Week 7 was our choice so I decided to talk about my number 1 favourite animal: The Panda! I love pandas because they are really cute and they are black and white, which are my favourite colours (or shades if… Continue Reading →

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