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An Asian invasion!

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Ethical Jugdment

Ethical judgment. Who decides what is right and what is wrong? The law decides that and so does the government. However, looking back to the past we can see that they were not always right. Historians now look back and… Continue Reading →

Metaphor Machines!

A Rube Goldberg machine. It’s a machine that overcomplicates a simple task. Requiring engineering skills to make. This is what we made in our new Scimatics project; Metaphor machines. We were tasked with building a Rube Goldberg machine that solves… Continue Reading →

Confederation commercial

You look nervously at the paper in front of you. Weeks of planning that has lead up to this point. Your comrade looks at you and smiles. A flash back to the moment it all started comes to your mind…. Continue Reading →


Hi guys! Today’s post is all about a project that I did for math. In class we are learning about Polynomials. We were given the task to apply our knowledge of Polynomials to make our project. This times project was… Continue Reading →

MPOLs is back!

Ladies and gentlemen! MPOLs is back again. For those of you who do not know MPOLs is basically parent teacher interviews that we have to do where we reflect on our learning over the year. Last year I decided that… Continue Reading →

Tik tok (part 2)

So we’ve talked about what Tik Tok is, what a meme is, and what it is I’m learning in my earlier post. Finally we are combining our knowledge with Tik Tok and our driving question. Our driving question is; how… Continue Reading →

Tik Tok Should We Stop?

The app “Tik Tok” is one of the most downloaded apps since 2019. So much so that it has even found its way to our classroom. That’s right, this post is all about Tik Tok! For those of you who… Continue Reading →

Star Wars + School= Exhibition?

Imagine that you are in a completely white room. White walls, white floor, and the lights are dim. You are wearing all white too and it is cold. And all around you, is chaos. Stressed teachers, students fighting over the… Continue Reading →


Hi guy! Today I will be talking about what I learned in science. We were learning about atomic bonding and how atoms work. We were given the task to make a animation that explains how atoms work using 2 different… Continue Reading →

Star Wars!

Caution; SPOILER ALERT. I will be talking about some of the scenes from the movie; “The Empire Strikes Back” proceed with that in mind. Star Wars is a sensation. With the up and coming movie, I only deemed it necessary… Continue Reading →

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