Behind the scenes of colonization

Where to start. 

For this project we went from learning about Europeans points of view to recreating a painting in our own perspective, it was a lot. We started off with learning about the Europeans and then how their power was a consequence to others, for those assignments we created a re-interperated piece of art. This was the only part I liked because you got to draw instead of write. The rest we learned about the main consequences of colonization and to show our learning in the end we made a script as well as an AR video showcasing our work. We used AR Maker to show our re-interperated drawing as we presented our learning and our art along side it. Overall this project felt very long and honestly tiring, I hope that next time we do something like this we stick to the main point of it.

This is a link to my video presentation of my art:


Matter and more

In this project we learned many things such as what is matter and quanatitave and qualitive observations, then we switched it up. We learned about the kinetic molecular theory sand how it contributes to the different states of matter. This was really fun to learn becasue to review our learning we got to play with gummy bears. Technically we weren’t entirely allowed to eat them but we all did. I enjoyed having an inversive project that was hands on. For the final we had to make a game with scratch which showed the composition of atoms. To be honest this was very hard, turns out i’m terrible at coding but luckily there were tutorials. After a hundred years I finished my game and it wasn’t too bad, it was just very funny. In my game there’s a dinosaur and they are a neutron., they have to jump over the electrons that are coming towards them while also trying to collect the protons. The dinosaur also is really cute. Overall I really enjoyed this project and I hope to do something like this again. 

This is my link to my video game

Small but Mighty Reflection🧬

This reflection consist of two main things we learned and created in science. Firstly we created an article about a myth from the Covid-19 vaccine, and we had to disprove it using evidence. My partner and I gathered evidence from trusted sources and then we put it in, but there was a problem. None of us knew how to use Canva to design, so after trial and error we finished it and it looked good, I think. Secondly we had to create a kids health poster. Creating it was fine but we had incorporate children’s drawings of germs and well that took a while for me. The drawings that had been submitted I absoulotely loved and attempted to add almost every single one to my poster and well it was too much. I got other people such as peers and teachers to give me advice and in the end using that helped me create my finished project. Overall I enjoyed everything we did, we got to work with things hands on, which engaged me more in what we were learning because we weren’t just sitting at our desks and watching videos all day. We got to gather little bacteria for our pre-tri dishes, we got to draw our own immune system characters and everything else I’ve told you. 

This is my poster I created:

Travelogue Reflection

This project was something different, usually we learn something in a week or two but this one took around more than 3 weeks. Partly due to our teacher being away, new subsitutes filled her position everyday, but we still had a project to do and a deadline. In the end we had to create something called a travelogue and it had to be based off of a European explorer. I picked Jacques Cartier. Throughout this project there was a tremendous amount of time put into gathering information for the final project. For the travelogue you already had all the parts of the puzzle, you just needed to assemble it, you needed to create essentially a book about your character. During the process it was trial and error, you had to match up your storyline with images you’d made and to be honest I wasn’t a fan of making the images. Either I created things I included for Jacques in my storyline such as a compass, celestial navigation, a map, art that represented his character and in the end a collage. I got to display my story on Jacques in my own way with information and things I gathered and created. Overall I was quite pleased with the ending result of the project and I would recommend it to other people. 

Click here if you wish to see my book I created:

MPOL 2023!

Everything starts with yourself. Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity to grow. I always keep this in mind with everything I do because if you’re scared of something for example presenting a project or trying a new trick on a skateboard, doesnt matter if your scared, do it scared.

My growth follows this. Without getting outside of your comfort zone no one would have ever accomplished anything. You need to seize your moment. MPOL is where I show this and all my growth as a learner. 

What I plan my learning to look like this year, and how can I improve it?

Overall to achieve my goals I need a plan, not just any but an organized plan because that’s what works for me. At the start of the year I created a learning plan, but now its time to improve it.

To improve these attributes I need to be critical about what how I can improve them. Overall on almost all of these I measure as profile five which means there’s is still room to improve on. 

-Firstly on communicating I can push myself beyond my limit, take new interests in social places and meet new people in my community.

-Secondly, for creative thinking I believe I can go above and beyond by extending and presenting my research in creative ways such as in forms of art. 

-Thirdly, I believe I can improve my personal awareness and responsibility by taking more time for my health and especially mental health such as getting a good nights rest and staying hydrated.

-Fourthly, for collaborating I think I could improve this by getting to know my peers better within group assignments as well as I could find ways so we stay on track and focused but still have fun.

-Fifthly, I believe for critical and reflective thinking I think I could analyze my work and then create conclusions, and for that I could ask peers and teachers to review my work and how I can adjust and improve it.

-Almost there, for positive personal and cultural identity I think I could adventure more into my life experiences and how they’ve benefited me and changed the person I am now; I can do that by asking my parents and others about myself and also remembering experiences I’ve had throughout my life.

-Lastly, for social awareness and responsibly I think I could go more i depth in topics I care about and advocate for them such as sharing my knowledge with people and online to the world, trying to make a difference.


Now let’s move on to my classes,


My plan for humanities is quite simple, there’s my strengths, areas of growth and my support system, but there are a couple ways I can improve it such as for my areas of growth. 

At the start of the year I wanted to get out of my comfort zone more and speak to new people, I feel I have achieved that due to I have made many news friends of all ages around my community and school. To sharpen the goal now is I would like to feel more comfortable and confident speaking in public places. Another area of growth was time management. I believe that throughout this year I have gotten better at managing my time with my assignments, but I thing I feel is the new area of growth is working on my procrastination and how to get by that. Finally, I feel I have improved at my learning of history and english such as asking questions, taking notes, etc, but I feel I could do better by improving my own learning while researching such as going down rabbit holes of criminal activity while researching art theft.

For humanities I wanted to accomplish an overall Extending grade. This is my first year so I didn’t exactly know what type of material I would have to create to get an extending grade so I asked around, looked at other’s projects for inspiration and always had the question for every piece of my work “what could I do to improve this?”

The Outsiders:

The Outsiders was probably the most interesting project due to it relying on group work. For this I got to meet new people and I learn how to work with them equally to create a finished piece we were all pleased with. We got to use all kinds of tools and materials in the process such as our basics like our iPads and everything on them, but as well we got costumes, props and more along those lines to create our book cover. I learned all about the Outsiders with them as well as I learned a lot from them, they taught me about photography, photo editing, modelling and especially being confident in others. Since it was group work I learned to let go and trust the others in my group to collaborate with me. Overall my outlook on this project is that it was great, I feel I accomplished my goal of being collaborative.

-The cons to this project though were for me at the beginning it was all just reading and writing questions down and I found that quite boring because I could have been doing anything else at that time. Handling my boredom was difficult at first but once we start getting into the actual making of the project it went away.  

Middle Ages:

For this project, the Middle Ages I definitely felt I extended. I showed this in many ways, firstly was my presentation. I created a slideshow on Keynote; every slide had vital pieces of information relevant to my topic but were kept to a minimal so they were clear and clean. Also I included images and their sources, my own illustrations and for the presentation I included animations. 

Secondly, I showed a thorough understanding of the Middle Ages and also I showed understanding of external information of other subtopics such as including information on towns and manors. 

Lastly to show my understanding I asked questions of my own to go even deeper such as questions that related to different parts all across my project. Overall I created a piece of work I was quite proud of, which is unusual since this was a digital presentation. I spent a lot of time regarding to this project due to the question still always being there “what could I do to improve this?”

That’s where the cons come in. Due to trying to achieve the best I could at this project my time management was heavenly challenged and I’ll admit I’m not the best at it, or even being punctual. So trying to achieve exactly what I wanted and getting it all handed in by the deadline was definitely a challenge, but I learned ways how to do it. I create a plan that included all the due dates, keystones, etc, as well as I included time in my day to work on it and with that plan in the end I ended up finishing on before the due date.

 Read more about the Middle Ages and more:

Back Into The Past

Now let’s talk about Maker:

My plan for maker is quite plan but there’s some things to improve. For growth I wanted to get better at my technological skills such as extending my knowledge of digital design. I feel I have reached this already due to in class we have learned to and used many new apps in living digital Desmond, photo shopping and book creating. Another growth was hands on building. In maker we created many things including handcrafted artifacts for a project. Lastly, for my support system I feel it already works well with me and my teachers give a clear guide of our intended learning.

For maker I wanted to overall get an extending grade and I achieved that. All of this was hands on learning which was fun and you had a different connection to what you were researching, instead of just writing stuff down and typing an essay, you were creating something that showed your learning.

Winter Exhibition/Pandoras Box

For this project I unquestionably felt that I extended. I showed I can work well and effectively in  a group and collaborating with new people, for example meeting new people from different grades and working together to decorate our rooms for the exhibition. For myself my project was unique to me in that everything was from my imagination inspired from the movie Avatar. I created a box with many details surrounding it to ensure the meaning I was trying to give and it took a lot of trial and error. At first my box wasn’t the right size, I didn’t have the materials I needed, I kept burning myself with hot glue, but in the end I created a piece I was very pleased with. It showed the effort I put into it as well as meaning and the story that went along with it. 

Lastly, the story, meaning and explanation of my box I gave a well understanding of and when I presented it to the public they understood and wanted to get even more information on it. They had relations and questions surrounding my box and topic and for almost every person I had a somewhat of an understanding with them and how their interpreted my box in their way.


This is my blog post for this project:

Winter Exhibition 2022

Making Interesting Images:

Out of everything I’ve done and learned this year, this project would have to be my favourite, mainly because there wasn’t a big amount of research we had to do for it. For this project I definitely felt I extended, not just on the actual project part but with my creativity. I created a visual presentation that incorporated photos of many different thing using the new skills I learned from my teacher. I learned all about lighting, angles, editing and way more. For the final part of this project we had to either recreate a past photo of yourself or you could recreate a historical figure, statue, photo, painting, etc. I recreated the Statue of Liberty, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the painting of Salome bearing the head of St. John the Baptist. I heavily enjoyed dressing up for these photos and presenting them in class; obviously I was nervous to present them but I got over it after witnessing everyone laugh just as I did when I saw them. 

Read more about Making Interesting Images:

What I Learned-Making Interesting Images


In conclusion through all of this work I’ve showed you, all of the things I’ve learned, all of things I’ve created, it all shows my growth as a learner this year. From the starting point of the year to right now, there’s hundreds of things I’ve learned and dozens of projects I’ve done that have improved my thinking and learning as a person, and in the future I aspire to go even deeper and acquire more skills. Which means getting more out of your comfort zone and because of everything I’ve done so far this year I’m prepared to do that. 

The Renaissance

Hey, welcome back.

This is our final products for humanities, radical innovations from the Renaissance. Over a couple of weeks I designed a triptych representing innovations from different times, as well as lastly I created a historical explanation for my learning in this project. Here they are…


For this triptych I used a mash of SuperImpose, procreate, sketchesPro and Keynote to build and design it. I made the choices I did for designing this product because firstly the apps were available to me and were taught to me, and lastly the design choices I made within the triptych were based off their themes including the Renaissance. Throughout this project I learned many things involving graphic design. I learned how to use new apps and the tools within them to create my own piece of artwork. Along with that, many things will stick with me such as the knowledge I learned about new apps and more importantly the Renaissance and the birth of innovations that changed our world today. Overall throughout this project there were many pros and cons such as this was quite fun learning about but the time we spent on it was a lot and for me it was downgrading.




Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by being the starting point of premature inventions, innovations and ideas which then evolved to more civilized and modern inventions to make our lives easier. Left panel: The new ideas from the renaissance changed their world by creating simpler way of life at the time. Firstly the inventions that were made changed their lives in various of ways such as the invention of mechanical clocks organized their lives with time, and the invention of the eyeglasses also changed their lives in personal matters such as “repairing” the vision of others who had lost it. It also revolutionolized the world by being the main component of the invention of telescopes, and that changed the world with the learning of space and astronomy. Besides the inventions, many new innovations benefiting society emerged such as medical care and schools were created. Medical care helped people in need as well as it worked as medical school which taught people new skills to help others; and schools taught everyone which changed the ways of learning to be more intent. Overall the innovations and ideas changed the renaissance by improving life by making daily things easier, simpler and work in a more effective matter. Right panel: The traditional ideas that people had before the renaissance included completely believing in the catholic chruch and their ides on the way of life. Before the Renaissance and their overload of innovations came along they had their own innovations such as before the mechanical clock was made they used a sundial to measure their time. Along with their religion of the Catholic Church they followed the Bible which there were very few of them because before the printing press was invented they hand-writt every book, document and paper. Overall the traditional ideas were the ways of life before the renaissance emerged. Center panel: The new ideas from the Renaissance changed my world today by them being the premature points towards modern innovations making ours lives easier. For example the printing press back then evolved into a modern printer which is operabel by just a couple buttons or your phone. Over time people built on old innovations creating them into simpler versions such as clocks back then resulted on being operated by screws, nails and tons of engineering, and now I just look at my phone and it tells me the time. Nowadays people work on making everything simpler especially work, such as machines and computers which can memorize and do work in a quicker time than a human can. Despite the many inventions in our lives, the ideas from the renaissance also changed my life because they were also the starting points in educations and medical care. From then until know we have advanced so far in our learnings of the human body, as well as we have advanced in our technology such as creating x-rays, ultra-sounds, MRI’s and plenty more. Overall the ideas from the Renaissance changed my world by making life in general easier, I have the benefits of resources and technology to improve my learning and I have the oppurtunites of education and more to better my life for my future. In conclusion the ideas from Europe and Asia, no matter the time and age, they benefited the world by being the starting point, the small idea that over time got more evoled into greater innovations.


My book!

Hey people, for the past two weeks in class we’ve been working on our very own book of art. During this time we’ve learned many new skills that we’ve incorporated in our own drawings. My book includes my works of art as well as it also includes descriptions and things I learned in the process.

If your looking for inspiration or you want to learn more about art you should take a look at my book, have fun.

Bye, bye

Journey thorugh my Art

Back Into The Past

Imagine going back in time, all the way to around some of the most complicated and horrible periods of time. For the past couple weeks we looked at the world through a different lens, and we began learning all about the Middle Ages and the Crusades; which was pretty cool but it took a while.

The overall goal for all this learning is to create an all-inclusive source of learning, that then we could send to other students so that they could review and critique it.

Starting the project my teachers showed us plenty of videos which held so much information I could barely process. I think she taught us literally everything she knows because it felt like we sat in class for hours. But it payed off because for our project we had to put all that information into a keynote presentation, and what’s better when you’ve already heard and memorized it all over hundreds of hours. 

For my presentation on the Middle Ages and the Crusades I spent numerous hours working on because my time management is terrible and ultimately unfixable. The steps I took to making my presentations are first background check-what you already know, then questions and predictions and lastly researching on everything I’m wondering and don’t already know. Within my presentations I included my overall research as well as I added transitions, my own images so don’t copyright me and animations to make it look 1% less boring. 

  From this project I actually learned a lot mainly because it was intriguing to me. Learning about how life was, the feudal system and how it worked as well as with the Crusades, what started the wars and why and each religions beliefs. 

Overall taking a trip into the past was interesting; the style back then was very different than now, the food especially mattered on your social status and for me I don’t think I’d be that high, and lastly of course the learning part of it and seeing how the world worked during those periods of time, which weren’t very fun for everyone living in them. Also it wasn’t fun for me because someone accidentally poured their sewage on me while they were throwing it out, so that’s great. 


Winter Exhibition 2022

Where to start?


As soon as the teachers introduced this project I had many feelings, thoughts and ideas towards it. We were to create a box based off a theme from the movie Avatar, which later you had to present to the public giving an explanation along with it. Building the box was interesting, time-consuming and hurtful, I probably burned my hands with hot-glue more than a hundred times, but overall it was fun. I got to use new materials and tools to create something new but again it took up a lot of time. 


The day of exhibition, one word chaotic. Every selected room had to be decorated according to its theme as well as you had to dress accordingly to your room. One issue I had is during this whole project there should have been more time for the decorating of the rooms to make them have more of a feel of their theme and that the audience feels more as if their going through the world of Avatar. Another thing is that most of our group didn’t meet each other until it was exhibition day so we didn’t get to talk to the grade 10s and 12s before that. One thing I did like though is all the different snacks and drinks every room had, such as on my break I got a variety coming from soda to jello to tea. Lots of different things. Overall it all worked out in the end and it was a fun and certainly memorable experience. 

What I Learned-Making Interesting Images

Photography is an interesting and meaningful activity. To be able to create and communicate through a photo you have to really think about everything involved like the angles, the lighting and the meaning of the photo. When creating a picture I can use my emotions, feelings and thoughts to showcase it to the audience and tell a story.

Overall three skills I found useful were, the adding and using filters to edit and alter your image.  They were very easy to work with and practical, as well as they add whatever mood or vibe you’re going for. Secondly, the lesson we learned on manufacturing mood was very helpful because if took apart all the details that are involved with setting and showing a certain emotion within your picture. Lastly the lesson about adjusting angles taught me different ways and views to take a photo from. For example worms eye view angle is where you put your device on the ground and you take a photo of you standing above, so it looks like the photo was taken from a worms perspective.


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