What I Learned-Making Interesting Images

Photography is an interesting and meaningful activity. To be able to create and communicate through a photo you have to really think about everything involved like the angles, the lighting and the meaning of the photo. When creating a picture I can use my emotions, feelings and thoughts to showcase it to the audience and tell a story.

Overall three skills I found useful were, the adding and using filters to edit and alter your image.  They were very easy to work with and practical, as well as they add whatever mood or vibe you’re going for. Secondly, the lesson we learned on manufacturing mood was very helpful because if took apart all the details that are involved with setting and showing a certain emotion within your picture. Lastly the lesson about adjusting angles taught me different ways and views to take a photo from. For example worms eye view angle is where you put your device on the ground and you take a photo of you standing above, so it looks like the photo was taken from a worms perspective.


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