Hello again! This post is going to be about my very first learning advance to Loon Lake.

At Loon Lake, we were able to do many fun activities and we had some cool learning experiences. We got to build forts, go on scavenger hunts, play laser tag and battle archery which was really fun! Surprisingly, you can actually learn a lot from doing these things. These activities allowed us to practice skills like leadership and teamwork and thinking creatively. Because this is a learning advance, we also had to do some school stuff. We continued parts of our Renaissance project which was actually really enjoyable and educational.

The food was also AMAZING we had so much healthy and delicious foods! To be honest I think eating was the best part of this trip. Here are some photos of the delicious food!

One thing that we had to do was make a book about what we learned at loon lake which is what you will be seeing next.

This book is filled with the things we did and learned at loon lake and it goes more in depth about our fun activities. I hope you enjoy!