Since the beginning of the year, we have been working on something called Destination Imagination or otherwise known as DI.

In my last blog post about DI, we were in the middle of making everything. We actually had to completely rebuild most of the things because everything broke. Even though it was incredibly annoying, frustrating, and stressful and made me want to die and quit everything… I was able to fix it after a lot of procrastinating. Yay.

here is an image of our team sign!

I wasn’t able to attend the tournament because I was at a swim meet but I still learned and did a lot. I built the frame for our backdrops and painted the sheets for our backdrops. I never made a backdrop like this before and it was a really cool learning experience. I was able to use math that I learnt at school to calculate the angles of where I should cut the wood so it could fit. This is an image of the frame and the backdrops!

for the sheets, we had to show off a dark field microscopy technique. We chose dark field so we created the backdrops with a black sheet. I also made the shirts for the salmonella to wear and we put fairy lights on them to make them look like there glowing because that is what dark field microscopy looks like.

DI also pushed me out of my comfort zone a lot which allowed me to grow a lot more skills. I never experienced doing a project where literally no one could help. This made it so my team had to problem solve more and be more creative and innovative to find solutions to things.

I also painted the microscope. I wanted to make sure our items in our presentation were bright and eye catching to enhance our story. I think I did a pretty good job at completing it!

Here is the video of my team presenting our solutions at the DI tournament.

the over all experience from DI made me want to die but I guess possibly I learnt somethings. Teamwork played a big part and I want to shout out my team! Go check out there blogs too!

Owen, Susan, Caden, Callum, Jackson, and Kadin

My team at DI!