A couple days ago was my very first spring exhibition. Our goal for this exhibition was to show our guests what learning in PLP is like. We had different section is the exhibition. There was the intro, PBL pathway, tech, outside the classroom and the Exit. I got assigned to the intro group.

Intro Layout

The Image you see above is a map of what the intro station looked like. The grade nines made this map and thee idea was to make three scenes. The first one shows normal school and how boring it is. The next scene shows PLP students watching a documentary and being excited. The last scene was supposed to show people talking and communicating like they are in a PLP classroom but we decided to just make a place where we showed our work.

For this exhibition we also had to show a piece of work that we created over the year. I chose
to show my individual Honeys Doughnuts ad. I wanted to show this work because I am really proud of how my individual ad turned out and we made this project at the beginning of the year and it is the intro of the exhibition. I also learned some really cool design techniques and I actually enjoyed making my individual ad.

This exhibition was a really cool way to show how we learn in PLP but it felt really weird seeing it all come together because grade 8s did barely any of it so it felt like nothing really happened. I’m not complaining because the less work the better, it just felt weird. I think this exhibition is a good way to wrap up the year.