About Me

Hi my name is Nate, I am in grade 8 and live in British Columbia.

I like to play a lot of sports, my favourite sport is hockey.

In school my favourite subject is scimatics (science and math).

In the winter I like skiing at my local mountain with my friends.

In summer I like chilling and hanging out with my friends and playing sports.

I really like burgers especially the ones with bacon and cheese on them.

I also play video games on my PS4 and watch YouTube.

I have a kitten that is 5 months old.

I am cautious with somethings.

I am very energetic at times (usually after hockey).

My favourite fast food restaurant is five guys.

And thats all you need to know about me.






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  1. julienk says: Reply

    Nice post but its a bit robotic. Maybe add a picture of you playing hockey or something. Overall a pretty solid post

    1. nathanielf says: Reply


  2. Mrs. Bennett says: Reply

    Hi Nate,

    I liked reading your blog post. It sounds like you keep pretty busy in British Columbia. Hockey and skiing are great sports. Many of my students love to ski and play hockey too. The mountains here in Ontario and Quebec are smaller than the ones in British Columbia. Scimatics sounds like an interesting course. Have you ever heard of STEM? We do lots of STEM challenges in our class and the students love it. A 5-month kitten must be very cute, does she/he have lots of energy? Do you like to play with your kitten when you have lots of energy after a hockey game? Keep up the good work.

    Happy Blogging!
    Mrs. Bennett

  3. liame says: Reply

    Good job on your post! I too love 5 guys it is the best restaurant keep up with the posts I am looking forward to learning more

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