I used the link HTML in one of my comments to link my blog so they could tap on it and go straight to my blog. here’s an example of using the link HTML if you click the blue it will take you to my blog.

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  1. Mrs. Bennett says: Reply

    Hi Nate,

    Using HTML links are great to use in blog posts. I liked the way you added the links to the other blogs you visited in the commenting challenge in week #2. The reader could go right to each blog and see the comment you had made. My students and I use links to other websites or blogs in some of our blog posts too. Links come in handy when you would love to use a specific picture from your favourite hockey team for example and the copyright is an issue. You can add a link to your favourite hockey team’s website instead. Do you like using links when you read other peoples’ blogs?

    Best regards,
    Mrs. Bennett

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