Hi, welcome to my blog for week 5 of the student blogging challenge. In this first activity of my blog I would like you to answer these questions in a comment.

Whats your favourite music genre? 

Who’s your favourite singer?

How many music concerts have you been to?

Do you like to make your own music?

And finally, do you like Justin bieber?

Personally I play an instrument and I’m going to tell you a bit more about that instrument. The instrument I play is the Clarinet. I first chose to play this instrument because in grade 3 we played recorder and I really liked it so I thought clarinet would be the closest thing to it. The maker of the clarinet is Johann Christoph Denner he was known for the high quality woodwind instruments he made. The clarinet is played with a wooden reed that vibrates when you blow into it causing the reed to vibrate making the sound. One interesting fact about the clarinet is that it was that the last instrument to be included in the symphony orchestra was the clarinet.

activedesigner / Pixabay

Now I’m going to be sharing a few interesting things about the beetles. They were an English rock band that formed in Liverpool in 1960. People call them the most influential band of all time. The beetles have made 17number 1 hit songs in the time that they were a band. There are only two members of the famous band still alive right now Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. The beetles were a band from 1960 to 1970, and in that time they had 17 number 1 hits! You’ve just read some cool facts and history about the famous band the Beetles.

TheoRivierenlaan / Pixabay

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  1. Mrs. Bennett says: Reply

    Hi Nate,

    Wow! You certainly asked a lot of questions in this post. I will try my best to answer them. I like all kinds of genres of music. Any day at my house you could hear classic rock, pop, dance, or country music at my house. I like lots of singers including Justin Bieber. I have been to at least twenty concerts. My two all-time favourite concerts were Bruce Springsteen and U2. I did compose one song on the piano when I was younger and I still like it to this day. I played the piano for six years and the clarinet for two years. I liked reading all about the clarinet and the Beatles in your post. Are the Beatles your favourite group? Have you ever made your own song on the clarinet? Do you like to listen to music every day?

    Keep up the great writing!
    Mrs. Bennett

    1. nathanielf says: Reply

      I have not made my own song on my clarinet. I do like to listen to music everyday, i usually listen to my Spotify pl;aylist. Also the beetles are not my favourite band, but I watched the movie yesterday recently so I thought they were 9interesting and wanted to do a little write up on it.

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