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Hi, for our first project that we did in humanities, we learned about advertising. In advertising there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that people don’t realize. We looked at different techniques, demographics and messages imbedded in advertising.  

our first milestone in this project was about an ad called Welcome Home. Welcome Home is an ad made by apple to advertise their product HomePod. We found out that this ad is different from most by the fact that there isn’t much special effects. In the ad the walls move around, but in real life the walls are also moving instead of using special effects. To create the illusion that they are moving. Our assignment was to dissect the ad and write a paragraph on what message they were trying to send or the audience and what demographic this is supposed to appeal too. The word demographic came up a lot in this project so I guess this was preparing us for the rest of the project in a way. In my blog I’ve included the ad so you guys can check it out while your reading my blog.

Our next step in this project was an advertising survey. We had to interview a person and ask them I few questions. Then we had to write a paragraph about both of our answers and relating the historical perspective in our answers. Here are the questions we had to answer and ask to complete this assignment.

Do you collect any ads or advertising products? (e.g. Coca-Cola, Starbucks mugs)

Do you have any clothing with a visible designer name? (e.g. Old Navy) Give examples.

Do you have any clothing with a visible designer logo? (e.g. Nike) Give examples.

Have you ever bought any products based solely on advertising? Which and why?

Have you ever not bought products specifically based on advertising? Which and why?

List the places where you think you see advertising on a daily basis:

In my opinion this milestone was one of my least favourite parts of this project. The reason I didn’t like it is because I found it difficult to write about the historical difference in our answers. Also I didn’t like turning the answers into a paragraph, it might be just me but I found this milestone very difficult.

The next step was to make an ad for a local business. My group choose to do a deep cove business called A’hoy. In this step we had to interview our business then make a ad as a individual on the business. We got lots of information from our interview. Then put that info into our ad for that business. I made lots of drafts for my advertisement. I found that I wasn’t very good at making ads pretty quickly but I tried my best to make a good ad.

  • 1st draft
  • 2nd draft

    3rd draft
  • 4th draft
  • Final draft

The next big thing we did was go to Oregon. This was definitely my favourite part of this project. In oregon we got assigned a business and we had to interview them like we did with our local business. My group got assigned High Life Adventures. High Life is a zip- lining park located in Warrenton, Oregon. Our class went there to zip-line. Then after my group interviewed them just like we did with our local business. After our interview I made multiple drafts of an ad for them. I found this ad a bit easier because I had more knowledge about making ads. Although I still had a difficult time creating the ad for my Oregon business.

  • 1st draft
  • 2nd draft
  • 3rd draft
  • 4th draft
  • Final draft

For the part of my blog post I’m going to answer the driving question. The driving question is how does what we hear, read and see influence?

If we hear somebody say this product is amazing it kind of influences you to think should I but that product because that person says its amazing. Another good example of peoples reading something and it influencing people is if on the internet they read vaccinations cause autism. So many people have been influenced by hearing that or reading that. That they should not get their kids vaccinated because it could cause autism. So what we hear, see and read all around us can influence people to do many different things. That is my answer to the driving question of this project.

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  1. Mrs. Bennett says: Reply

    Hi Nate,

    Wow! I liked learning about advertising in this post. I think it must be difficult to deiced which draft to go with if you are working in a group. Does the third draft of the zip lining park have big foot in it? You must have had lots of fun researching for this ad and getting a chance to zip line. Is it scary being up so high? I kind of like all your drafts for the ad. I would have had a hard time choosing just one.
    Great work!
    Mrs. Bennett

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