DI Regionals

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This post is going to be about my most recent maker project destination Imagination regionals. DI is a competition where teams from all over the world compete in. In DI your team is assigned a challenge ahead of the competition. Your team job is to come up with a solution for that challenge. Each challenge has smaller components that can get you more points depending on how well you make them. My team challenge was the technical challenge. In the technical we had to make a invention that solves any problem we chose. It had to include technical elements in the invention and in a thing called our impact scenery. The impact scenery is the scenery which makes a impact on the story your presenting. When you are done presenting the appraisers calculate your score but they don’t tell you it until the very end.

in the regional tournament I think our team could’ve done much better overall but we can always improve for the provincial tournament. Overall our team got 4th place in our challenge. I think if we a bit more time to work on finishing up our challenge we could’ve came in 3rd or 2nd. Our invention for our challenge was a alarm clock that makes you solve a puzzle before you can turn it off. This alarm clock solves the problem of people getting up late for work or school so then they shave to rush to get out the door and then they are usually late. With our alarm clock the person has top get up and solve the puzzle before they can turn it off so it makes the person use they’re brain to get making them just get out of bed. Also there is no snooze button so if you try to press snooze you can’t the only way to make it turn off is my solving the puzzle. Our impact scenery was also not great. It was very flimsy and made of PVC pipes. We were supposed to roll up a city scape for the last scene of me in a job interview but the pulleys are not great causing the city scape to be uneven. I think we lost a lot of points in the impact scenery part. Although I think we got a good amount of points on our team choice elements which were a dance and a painting.

                                                      This is my and Indy doing our dance

the competency we were being assessed on in this project was the research and understand competency. I definitely demonstrated my using of this competency when we had to research more about the sleep problem. I Had to look at different ways a person could get up easier with a alarm clock that my group has made. I had to understand why people press snooze and go to sleep. Once I understood the problem I could come up with a way that makes people get easier based on my research and understanding on the problem. Once I finished that my group and I decided on doing a puzzle because it gets your brain active making you feel less tired.

                                                  This is my group in our presentation

overall I think my group can improve our score for provincials. We are planning to make a new pulley system for our impact scenery, make our inventions electrical circuit better and make our skit more smooth and nicer. I think the regionals were pretty fun when you got to watch your friends perform they’re skit. I hope to get at least a podium finish in provincials. If we complete all of these improvements for provincials I’m positive we can get a much better score than we did in regionals. Make sure to check out my other blog posts here.

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