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Welcome back to another one of my blogs. This blog is a bit different because this is going to cover 2 subjects. This project was called argh matey. It was about diseases and explorers. In this project we had to make a comic book that included a explorer and a disease. My explorer was Ferdinand Magellan and my disease was scurvy. I thought it was a cool project because we got to do 2 subjects in one project.

Mind map

This is my scimatics mind map that I made. It shows the questions that I asked at the start of this project and how I answered some of them after I was done the project. This mind map shows my knowledge of the scimatics big idea cells and diseases.

the scimatics curricular competency was communicating. I used this competency a lot in this project I had to communicate with scientific language throughout my comic book. I also used it in other milestones during this project like the wanted poster I made for a disease. I also had to do research on scurvy for my comic book then I had to communicate my finding to the audience through some text from characters. I think I did very good at using scientific language throughout this project.

The Humanities curricular competency was Historical Significance. I used this competency throughout the whole project. I was researching my explorer to learn more about what significance he had. I used this a lot in a milestone where I had to fill out a research sheet about my explorer and in the final product the comic book. I think I improved this competency this project because I figured out the historical significance and I communicated that to the audience.

The main milestones that helped me get to my final product. Were the wanted poster for the disease, the storyboard and the explorer research sheet. Now you can read my final product of the comic book. Overall I think this was a very fun project. It was cool to see how I could test my art skills and learn how to use a new app called comic life. Make sure to check out my other blogs here.    the story of Ferdinand Magellan comic

Just click the link and read my book!

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