Road Trip!

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This blog is going to be about my most recent Scimatics project. In project we learned about graphing and planned a week long road trip. In my road trip I did lots of things and even rented/bought some nice luxury items for my vacation around BC. I had a budget of 10,000$ to spend. We had to make a budget for our trip. In that budget we had to include all expenses for that trip including food and gas. For the final product we had to make a equation that showed our spending over the week and put that into a graph.

                                                           This is the car I rented

In this project we were being assessed on 3 main core competencies. In the reasoning and analyzing competency I showed my extending knowledge because I looked at specific pricing around the areas. I was driving around and looked at the prices of everything. So every single thing on my budget was priced exactly to the dot on how much it would cost in that area. Even for the gas I had to do a equation to find out how much gas would cost. The next competency is connecting and reflecting. I showed extending in this area because I had my cost of my trip at exactly 10,000$. The last competency I was being assessed on was communicating and representing. I showed extending here because in my graph it shows how much it would cost if I went over the 7 days. just to see how much more money it would take. Also going over 7 days and calculating over is not required for this project.

                                                                          This is my graph

Overall I think this was a nice fun project to end the year on. It was cool because it was more of a math based project and I’m more of a math guy personally. Also I think I did well on this project because I did a similar project like this when I was in grade seven. Although in grade 7 it was for summer break and we didn’t have to make a graph. If you want to read more of my blogs click here.

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