January 23

Middle Ages

Weird… I was SURE I had posted this anyway here you go

For our second humanities project in PLP, we created learned about the Middle Ages. We made learning resources about the feudal system and the crusades. Most people made 2 keynote presentations for this ], but I decided to make a website to push myself and make it more accessible.

I learned a lot from his project but I still want to learn more about the middle ages and website building.

Some of the things I learned about were:

-how to use Wix

– within this, I learned

– how to add buttons and link them to pages on a website

– how to use copyright-free images properly

– how to make pages look visually pleasing so people enjoy being on the website

  • More about Islam and Christianity. I’m not religious so I didn’t know much about either religion
  • How these two religions came to be from Judaism though there both interpret things in their ways
  • How long grudges can last. Yikes!
  • How though history seems short it’s eternity.
  • How if one person has enough power they can change the world forever 
  • How the feudal system worked and whom it served


Things I still want to know more about

  • What knowledge did we lose after the fall of Rome as a race?
  • Were other religions involved in the crusades if so, how?
  • What would have happened to the world if the crusades hadn’t happened
  • How can I push myself further when making websites?

Overall, I learned a lot from this project and one of the best things about it was that I ca keep learning about it from here. Thanks for reading!

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