Small but Mighty!

This project got me more into science than I’ve ever been! It has been much more interesting than elementary science. My favourite part was the swabbing activity but it was all awesome.

The first keystone was the swabbing one. We made a power point about it. Here’s the page with the swabs ( the PowerPoint wouldn’t upload)

I loved this! I couldn’t believe how dirty everything was. I worked hard on this and am quite proud of what I made!

The second one was a bit more difficult. I found it hard to memorize what all the different cells did in my immune system. Eventually, I go it though! Just goes to show that sticking with something helps in the end. I had a lot of fun drawing all the Wednesday characters! This keystone reminded me of our fun drawing mini project from maker last semester.

Here’s the Enid drawing it’s my favourite

I was away for the third keystone so I handed it in a bit late but it was also really fun to make. I couldn’t believe that some people believe that some people think that there are microchips in vaccines! The thing that I found funny with this one is that it took me longer to position the number than write the little description. Here is my infographic.


I change my mind! The last one was my favourite! The little kids’ art was so cute! This one was probably the hardest for me because I couldn’t think of a catchy phrase. My dad helped me think of this ghostbusters one though and I love it! I used keynote for this and I loved using the remove background tool, it was so helpful. I feel that this is simple enough for kids to understand but still shows what I learned.

Here’s the poster!


Overall I liked this project and it helped me discover that I actually to like science! I can’t wait for future projects!

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