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How the changes in Disney land show changes in the world

Disney land has been a staple of American culture ever since its creation in 1955. Based of some of the most popular stories ever made, it attracted, and still attracts millions of people each year. But over the last 66… Continue Reading →

We’re back!

This week was a great first week of the brand new PLP project. I am definitely feeling rusty but I am excited to begin a new project with new possibility’s. Without having to guess at this point I just assumed… Continue Reading →

We put on a play!

Winter break was just coming to an end. With two days before school was supposed to start my dad got tested for COVID but he never thought he would actually get it. Unfortunately he did. Then my sister got it… Continue Reading →

Responsible for Their Own Deaths? – Romeo and Juliet

I just finished reading Romeo and Juliet for the first time. At the beginning I found reading right from the script really boring and frustrating because I simply couldn’t understand the Shakespearean form of English. What I found interesting was… Continue Reading →

A news report!

As I continue my adventure through the wonderful and tragic story of Romeo and Juliet I stop again to write about another extremely memorable part of the play. This is in Act 3, scene 1. A great street brawl involving… Continue Reading →

A Great Contrast in literature!

Shakespeare is arguably the greatest writer of all time. Some people love his work and some people really dislike it. In the end though it’s impossible to say, no matter what side you agree with, that some parts of his… Continue Reading →

Bicycles During the War. Summative Blog Post.

We completed the second podcast episode! As you can tell I’m very excited. I put a lot of time and effort in to this. Struggled with overcome lots of challenges. In the end I got a podcast that not only… Continue Reading →

HDD vs SSD, Something I Learned this Week

For this weeks weekly post I am, for the first time, going to talk about something that isn’t school related. But kind of is… PLP involves a lot of technology and I have become fairly proficient at using my IPad…. Continue Reading →

How Can Art Impact Perception?

This week in class we read and discussed the book “The War Prayer”. I thought it was a very interesting book because of the use of older English words. I also really liked how my piers and I all perceived… Continue Reading →

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