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The texas project

When I heard that I was going on a school trip to Texas I didn’t know what to expect. Why we’re we going there? What could we learn? Regardless, from what the teachers were saying there would be a lot… Continue Reading →

My last Tpol…

Welcome to my Tpol blog post. I’m happy to say that this year of grade 11 PLP has felt long. Not in a bad way. Covid is finally out of the picture and the year hasn’t felt like one blur… Continue Reading →

The Winter Exhibition Project!

As the winter break was nearing, all of PLP was preparing for the famed Winter Exhibition. PLP’s exhibitions are a celebration of learning in which us students can not only share our creations and knowledge with our peers and teachers,… Continue Reading →

The journey of Creating my Alberta Video

How does place impact who you are? This was the driving question that we were given for our Alberta trip project this September. We were tasked with creating a video that answered this question regarding a specific group, I got… Continue Reading →

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