Gaming provides a new experience for people who are bored or have no freinds. (Sorry if i sound like a salesman) games on computes have all sorts of fun genres so everyone can find games they enjoy. Puzzle games are for people who want to test your logic and intellect. Childrens games are fun and cooperate with bright Colours and cartoon characters. Shooter games are for people that love violence and are completely soulless. There’s something for everyone. My favourite game is overwatch, a team based shooter (i have part of my soul left still dont worry) that has unique characters with different playstyles. Do you want to protect your team and control objectives? Pick a tank. Want to deal damage and get flashy plays? Pick a damage hero. Want to heal your team with more relaxed gameplay? Pick a support. Overwatch is a fun game that i enjoy playing ANDDDD its multiplayer so i can play with my freinds (:

that’s the overwatch poster

these are the all the characters in overwatch

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  1. Hi Owen, I really appreciated the humour in your post. I am happy to hear your soul is still somewhat intact considering how much Overwatch you play.

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