A while ago our teachers told us we had to participate in DI (destination Imagination (NOW MY DAMN KEYBOARD ISNT WORKING TOUCH TYPE TIMEEEEEE) DI has 4 challenge categories fine arts (yucky) festival frenzy (my second choice) biology microscope stuff (ew i hate bugs) and daring escape (THATS MEEE) (the keyboard started working again here) I dont know anything about the other groups challenges so ima write about daring escape.

In daring escape you create 2 daring devices which overcome 3 different hazards. One device is electrical (motors, batteries, etc) and one is mechanical (slingshots, medieval weaponry, etc)

Why is bread pain in French lmao

we also get instant challenges which are small teamwork things that last 8 minutes (very instant) where you work with your group to do stuff i cant tell you what we did but its meant to build your teamwork and stuff. You get judged by “appraisers” which is fancy non competitive speak for judges.

My group had 7 people which in my opinion is 4 too many but my teammates are Evangline, Haden, Dylan, Ruby, Keaton, and Charlie R (go find their blogs there probably better than mine)

Anyways goodbye for now i will probably have to write about this after the presentation again but cya

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