Hi! It’s owen here again (:

This project in humanities is about the renaissance. (1400-1500’s) Driving question: What significant developments emerged from the past and how do they impact us today?

In the renaissance project we explored the renaissance (wow) and the impact it caused on humanity and the inventions/artwork created during it. One of the first things was a little role play of the feudal system. (Slaves, lords, monarch, etc.) and then we did the main assignment of the post: the tryptych.

This is my tryptych:

The left is in the past, middle is in the present, and the right is societal change, like religion. My tryptych shows religion as during the renaissance people were mostly Christians and after people accepted more different ones. We have the printing press, invented during the renaissance, which turns into a 3d printer. There’s a musket (commonly used in the renaissance period), which turns into a thermonuclear bomb (commonly used by evil politicians).  We also include a picture of a famous artist/inventor. My societal change I included was about religion and how it has changed over time. We also included a picture of ourselves or a Memoji instead.

Cya all next time (: thanks, Owen


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