Blue Sky

It’s that time of year again, exhibition time!!! If you saw my Star Wars post you’d know that was a exhibition too. This exhibition is called Blue Sky:) Blue Sky can also be called many things: Passion Projects, 20% time, Genius Hour, etc. These are all variations on the same idea.

But Blue Sky is a little different as it is more open ended. The limit is your imagination. Basically, we are given some time to create a project of our own. But the project must be centred on a problem, answer a driving question, and contain a challenge. Other than that, we get to chose!! We had to choose a client, which for us grade 8’s must be someone in our grade and not in PLP. Once we decided on who our client was we had to ask them some problems they have, that needed solving, and we would have to come up with a solution.

I chose my friend Lilian to be my client and I asked her about some problems she needed solving. One that stood out to me was she said she often felt overwhelmed and stressed out, which I think is a common thing especially in school. So I decided I would come up with a way to help her stress.

The process I went through to come up and complete my final idea, will be shown a little different then a regular blog post. To see the process, creating many prototypes and lots of research, etc, you can read my designers journal below.


I really proud of how I did at Blue Sky. I also think my group, Kai, Sydney, Luca, Mimi, Kiera, Robbie, Fraser and I did a pretty good job setting up the room using all beach themed decorations we could find.

Blue Sky was a really cool, and challenging experience and I’m definitely glad I did it. Been given a choice I probably would do it again because overall I feel like I learned a lot and some fun along the way.

– Paisley

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