Small but Mighty

Hi everyone, it’s me again.

For our first science sector, we learnt about pathogens (germs) and how our body reacts and deals with them.

For the first project we swabbed anywhere in the school, I swabbed the boys’ bathroom door handle and floor. We then put them on agar plates to accelerate growth of the bacteria.

We made a journal about the process of the bacteria growth, with pictures under a microscope. We also wrote hypotheses and predictions about what and where we swabbed.

Then we learnt about the immune system and made characters based on each of the more important cells, those being, the t-cells, b-cells, antibodies, white blood cells, and macrophages.)

For the final keystone we made a vaccine analysis, in which we talked about common theories about and around vaccines. Me and my partner, Caelum, (you can check out his blog here) talked about if natural immunity works better than vaccinated immunity.

For the finish line assignment we made a poster about vaccination for kids. We used art from kindergarteners at Eastview. we also had to come up with a slogan/phrase similar to war bond posters.

As a first sector in science, this was a cool way to test the waters and see how the rest of science will be, and I’m pretty excited for the rest of science!

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