Hi everyone, 

We recently completed a project called Mazer Tag. For this project we had to make Right angle laser triangles. We worked with both the Pythagorean theorem and, the laws of reflection of lasers. I worked on this project with two other people, Raymond and, Dries.

This is my Project mind map we both started off this project with it and finished this project of with it. 

The are the competencies we were being assessed on throughout the project were:

The law of reflection is used to build a right angle triangle shaped laser path. Refraction and interference are also incorporated into the laser display. I did ok on this competency I made a decent laser path and when we had dry ice in the display were using refraction. 

Next competency: Two sides are measured and the length of one side is calculated and labeled using the Pythagorean theorem. We made a poster which showed the side lengths of the triangles and the Pythagorean theorem.

Next competency: The laser triangle is set up and labeled in an aesthetically interesting way and all group members contribute equally to setting up the room on exhibition day. Our laser triangle looked pretty cool on exhibition day with all the dry ice smoke illuminating the laser. All of our group members contributed quite equally on exhibition day.   

Final competency: All class time is used efficiently for learning and project work without distraction. Most of our group worked efficiently without distractions. Although, sometimes one of our members got distracted.