Hi everyone,

Here are a some facts about me.

1. I’m 13 years old

2. I’m in the Performance Learning at Seycove Secondary or PLP

3. I Have a dog named Moxy

4. My favourite sport is basketball

5. My other favourite sport is skiing

6. I like Photography

7. I have a cabin

8. I love to on the beach or in the forest

9. I live in Vancouver, Canada

10. My favourite subject is Science

11. I have travelled to 2 Canadian provinces, 5 American states and Cancún Mexico

12. My top 3 locations to visit are Costa Rica, Sydney Australia and Spain

13.  I can speak quite a bit of French as I went to school in French immersion for 8 years

14. My favourite TV show is the Simpsons

15. My favourite video games are Minecraft, NBA 2k series and the Forza Horizon series