One two week sprint later we find ourselves at the end of another project. This project is called “Storm the Barricades” and I already made a post about the first week so if you haven’t checked that out yet you should, and you can find that HERE. So on to the second half and this was all about the French Revolution and answering the driving question which was “How do revolutions transform societies?”. If you dont know exactly what “society” is click HERE to find out.

It took a lot of learning to put together a strong video answer to this question and what I learned throughout this project is quite incredible to me. I knew nothing about the French and American revolution and now I know much more about the cause and consequence and historical significance of these revolutions. One thing I might add is something that was very interesting to me and I now know because of my learning about the French Revolution and it is actually that I found out the song “Viva La Vida” is about the French revolution and from the perspective of King Louis XVI. The song is about King Louis’ last speech before he was executed. Down below you can listen to the song.

Now on to what I think helped me answer the Driving question the most and it was the final video. On this I worked with Annie, Ethan and Liam. Since this was about how revolutions transform societies we needed to figure out just that. To make an answer to this we had to tie in the American Revolution, French Revolution and Crane Briton’s Theory of Revolution. What we came up with was a story about a French farmer named Joseph Gagne who’s father just came back from America and was part of the American Revolution. His father then tells Joseph about what happened over in America and well, you can just see the rest down below. In the video we also implemented our Rube Goldberg machine to help guide the story along and I thought it came out well. I think this story highlights understanding of transformations of societies because throughout the video you can actually see the changes and I think it is much easier to understand.

This project involved a lot of learning in a short period of time to ultimately create the final video. I thought I got a lot out of this project and actually thought it was very interesting because I could tie in what happened in the past to what is the present so that shows that if those revolutions never happened the world would be a much different place than it is now.