For our maker 8 class we had the main topic of the end of our semester to be based around the movie avatar. Avatar was a movie that was not only great because of when it was released, it also has many examples of actions or things that are still done to this day. For example, corporate greed. In avatar they try to take what isn’t theirs because it will provide them wealth and fame. You can link that to the real world in so many different ways, for example to tie in with the crusades the pope was more than willing to sacrifice everyone around him for more power and wealth.

In class to prepare for our winter exhibition (more on that later) we got to watch the old avatar movie and we rented out the theatre to watch the new one! Then for our winter exhibition (which is where people view your project.) we made a presentation for the public with our avatar themed boxes which was basically a representation of a theme like mentioned earlier, corporate greed, militarism, racism and more. My box was on the scene where the military burnt down the avatars home for a mineral and we had all kinds of cooool stuff like jello and ice tea for our guests. It was fun and in the end we learned a lot about communication outside of our comfort zone by talking to strangers. It was a struggle at first but later the work eased up and I became more comfortable. In the end it was a fun experience I got to share with friends.