Hello, this is a summarization and an overall reflection of our spring exhibition experience. In our exhibition my time may have been cut short however I see some major differences in all categories compared to the winter exhibition, and I realized after every exhibition the other is more successful in some areas. This exhibition I believe there was room to improve however we definitely did not have the luxury of time to plan as part of the Oregon field study and catching up on work however for what we had we came far and I believe the exhibition was an overall success. When we were notified of the exhibition many people freaked out but i was sure one way or another things would work out. This exhibition was based on pathways, which one can assume that the pathways was meant to lead on to your life, in my case to grade 9 as it will be a new journey or adventure as grade 8 was. 

Our making of an ad was more of a process than I expected. However when I included our learning and teachings into the ad I believe it was worth it. It was a lengthy process, we learned techniques and I believe we used our learning resources efficiently and we learned a lot from our experiences in Oregon and back here at Seycove Secondary Highschool when we learned about techniques and appeals.


Here is my final product, I am learning to reflect and recycle my learning for when I use these skills in a different scenario and I am excited for that day.

To answer the driving question: how does advertising persuade, sell, and influence society. I believe advertising fixes to your wants and based on target audience can target a specific group of people wanting a specific item. A great amount of things are bought online today therefore online ads especially are becoming even more relevant and influencing all generations.

When we went to Oregon we were assigned to make a booklet throughout the field study to record various things and experiences, sadly my photos could not be accessed as a technical issue however I believe that this idea and way of learning with the booklet was very helpful as it always had us thinking of what we were learning and not letting it go over our heads.My book!