A Crazy One?

Hey, hi, and hello. Welcome back to my blog where not all those who wander are lost (J.R.R Tolkien). Our most recent project was our last project of the year. Spring exhibition. This was our first inside spring exhibition in 2 years. It just makes me realize how big of an impact covid has made on our lives. Speaking of impact, our final project this year was focused around impact makers. The driving question for this project was: What makes someone a community impact maker? My first thought to this question was, what makes an impact maker and how will this form to be an exhibition project? Before I go into answering the driving question I’m going to catch you up on our project path.

We first started off with defining what a “crazy one” is. There is an apple ad that shows many impact makers who people thought were crazy due to their impossible ideas. This ad featured people such as Gandhi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Thomas Edison, and many more. This was able to answer my first question: what makes an impact maker? Next we watched 3 movies, hidden figures, Amadeus, and Gandhi. These movies really opened my eyes on the lives of these amazing people. If I had to pin a favourite out of the three I would say “Amadeus”. I love classical music and opera, so much so I even have opera glasses. This movie just made me have an even greater appreciation for Mozart’s genius.

Our next steps in this project were working towards our final product. Our first step was to identify someone who had a positive impact on one of the communities we’re apart of. I had a difficult time at first to identify someone. The reason I was struggling was because I thought we had to find someone who was considered a “crazy one”, turns out we didn’t. The person had to have made a positive impact and did not need to have been seen as crazy. So I chose Sonia Ellis. Sonia was one of the owners of my dance studio and she was one of my dance teachers growing up. She made Seymour dance the family community it is. Once we had figured out who our impact maker was we learned about the project. The project was to create a contemporary art piece that represents our impact maker. I did a simple water colour portrait of Sonia and then glued flowers on it to represent the “Waltz of the Flowers” dance from the “Nutcracker”. Sonia choreographed that dance for our studio’s adaption of it and I wanted to really show that with my art piece. I was not at exhibition this year due to having tickets to Hamilton that very same night but I was very proud of my work this project.

In conclusion I am very proud of how my project turned out and I think I was able to convey the story of my impact maker without being present at the exhibition. Now to answer the driving question. What makes someone a community impact maker? I think that a community impact maker is really defined by everyone differently. anyone can be a community impact maker as long as they have somehow made a positive impact on at least one person in this community. I really enjoyed this project and I’m curious as to what our first grade 12 project will be.

Peace ✌️

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