Everyone has a story

Hi everybody welcome back to another post. Today we are going to be talking my time and what I’ve learned in my recent Maker project. This project was all about setting goals and making videos. During this project we made 4 videos all showing different shots, angles, affects and more. For our goal setting we had a goal tracker. This goal tracker is where we did lots of activities like, are virtues, our goal ladder, our list of things we enjoy and much more.

At the start of this project we did an activity called what do I enjoy. We just listed 5 things we enjoy. We got all of our activities from the book called what do you really want. Then came the very first video, what inspires me. For this video, we have to answer questions like what do I enjoy, what I don’t enjoy, or what brings meaning to my life. My video was two minutes long and has a image then me explaining my answer to questions.

The next thing we learned about and the most important to me was Smart goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable and Timed. These words define what a goal should be. It should be something realistic, but something you have to work hard for. If your goals are to big or not specific for example, I want to get good at soccer. What do you want to get good at dribbling, shooting, and what are you going to do to achieve this goal.

The next video we had to make was all about different shots and angles. The video had to be 1-2 mins long, and had to be silent and have a music soundtrack. The story had to be about someone who had a goal, and achieved it.

The next important activity we did was actually setting SMART goals. We made a goal Ladder. We practiced with drafts and revised them. The goal ladder is one main goal, with ten small goals that are like stepping stones to reaching the main goal. 

The goal setting area of the project was my favourite because I got to set goals actual goals I have. I could still work on setting smarter goals. I really happy with my goal ladder.

In the middle of this project we had a exhibition for our other project Power of Geography. We made a video for the introduction of the exhibition. In this video we talked about the exhibition how we built knowledge, and other details. In this video we could have done some more angles, because it was mostly pictures of landscape and a voiceover. We reflected on this video in Maker because we learned how to make videos and and use different angles in this maker project. 

Nearing the end of the project we did storyboarding. We practiced storyboards and it was very helpful because the last thing we did before the project was the final video, we had to make a storyboard for this video. The video was about how to set a goal. Video

Now every goal I set from now on will be smart. This project has taught me a lot, how to make videos and set goals. Goals are the only way to reach your dreams. And I set goals all the time now. 

During this project I think I showed strength in asking questions, asking for help as well as clarifying assignments. I also think I showed strength in managing my time. Getting my homework done and not overworking and stressing myself. Thanks for reading.

The power of geography

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog, todays post is going to be about my latest project, The Power of Geography. The goal of the project was to make a multi touch Ebook. You will se my book later on. Everyone in our class except six people went on a trip to Alberta. Me and the other six learners who stayed home books our different. The entire project is based on the western part of Canada.

The driving question for this project is “ How did the geography of the west snap who we are today”

My answer to that question is the economy. The industry’s like fishing, or mining all played a big part in the wests economy. The four main industries are Mining, forestry, fishing, and agriculture. The west is known for theses things, the salmon was a big food source for indigenous peoples, that got turned into a profitable industry. Without these industries we would not have a top notch economy. The Canadian pacific railway was the first major way to get a cross Canada, or ship goods, and ideas. Without the materials the west had to offer there would be know railway. That’s why the economy shaped the west.

One of the first things we did for this project was make notes on the fives themes of geography, location, place, human environment interaction, movement, and regions.

This helped me big time with connecting the themes to pages of my book. When everybody was away in Alberta we did an assignment about the geographical characteristics of Canada. Without this I would not be able to connect anything in my book. Probably one of my favourite things I did in my time for this project where taking notes on the history of the west hers a slide of notes.

The main competency for this project is questioning. I demonstrated mainly by asking loads of questions. There was one point when I was making my book and I had no clue how connect the economy to random images in the area or connect the 5 themes of geography to a random area in the north shore, to get out of this brain slump, I asked questions during lessons and I really interacted in lessons. I also answered a lot of questions in my book.

The time I was really stuck was when we were connecting our books to what made and makes the west. For example I didn’t know how to connect the economy to a picture of Myrtle park, but I learned that there wouldn’t be a park if there weren’t trees cut down to make, that’s forestry which is an industry of economy. I was able to solve this by questioning.

The outline for my book was, 8 reflections, 5 special activities, my comic on geography, driving question and answer, and an about the author page. I was able to finish everything. Then came the preparation for our exhibition. We did this thing called speed dating, I know you probably think that’s weird but it’s basically you have a limited amount of time to present something and then your partner gives you feedback. This feedback was very helpful for me because I revised my book reflections. 

Then came the exhibition. We were put into three groups. Diversity, history, and my group economy. We each had a room where we setup tables and decor. The exhibition was very fun I think we could have added more decor, and I personally could have tried to attract more people to my table.

I was part of the intro group. Our job was to introduce the exhibition, we did this by making a video. Our video had lots of cool images and some nice slides and visuals. The music was nice but I think we could have worked on our voiceover, to make it better quality. Also we could have used different angles for our picture. Here’s the intro video.

Here are some things I did well during this project, questioning, communicating asking for help, and managing my time.

Now what you’ve all been wanting for, here’s my book. Thank you for reading


“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities.

 This is a presentation to show that I am ready to move to the next grade level. The last presentation I did like this was my mpol which stand for mid year presentation of learning. In my mpol I talked about how I can sharpen my learning plan and start practicing good habits. Since then I have came to class on time and worked hard and revised my work. In the near future I am going to start coming in tutorial time more. I think it would have also really helped my DI team. We didn’t have maker in the second semester so Will be talking about Di instead.


The first class I am talking about is scimatics. 

The first question I’m going to be answering is what did I struggle with most and why. For me it’s the ultimate design challenge in scimatics. I struggled with it because we used an app called tinker cad, I got frustrated with it because whenever I tried to mix and move shapes around to make my final product it was very leggy and I had a thought time with that. What was my solution to this? I tried using my keyboard more and it was less laggy and I was able to work more efficiently.

What is the project I’m most proud of? I am most proud of my laser laws project. I thought it was a really good looking final product, and I enjoyed working on it. The goal of this project was to get lasers to create a shape. We did this by using mirrors to direct.

here’s the final product. It’s hard to see because we had to take the picture in the dark.



The next class I’m going to be talking about is humanities 

So for humanities, what us the project I struggle most with. For me the project I struggled with most was the outsiders. My reason is I’m Not the fastest reader and the first half of the project was a book report on are iPads. I was able to push through this part of the project by reading extra when I was behind. I also found it hard to stay still for 1 minute, I got past that part of the project by practicing staying still at home. All that practice paid off because at the exhibition I was able to stay still longer then a minute, and I was able to remember all my lines and I had a good general knowledge of the book because I took time reading the book instead of rushing


Here’s the project I am most proud of, it’s called medium is the message and it’s the first project we did in humanities. The goal of this project was to make an add for a company in the community. My group got covert cafe and market. Are add probably ten drafts if not more. That’s one off the reasons I really enjoyed this project, because we learned trial and error. I also really liked how are final add turned out. My biggest highlights of this project, were going on a call with mr. Hepburn, our final add, interviewing, the owner off covert, making drafts, and learning different advertising techniques. My biggest take aways form this project are, a better understanding of media, learning the app Canva, and working with advertising techniques. In this project I think I showed accomplished because I finished the final product and revised all my drafts.

Destination imagination 

The next Im going to be talking about is destination imagination.

First of all my Di group was the improv group and are challenge was called festival frenzy. The goal of the challenge was to make a skit that includes a character with a goal and a fork in the road. We studied 8 festivals and drew one from a hat before the skit, that was are setting. Then we’d draw are main characters goal. Half way through the skit there’s in intermission where we draw a fork in the road. What did I struggle with the most? For me I struggled with the improv acting because I sucked at coming up with stuff on the spot. I also got big stage fright when presenting in front of people. I solved this problem by practicing acting alone also the dress rehearsals helped me. 

These are notes and ideas we did as a group for di skits. We each got sheets and put in ideas. This was very important for are group because we used these in rehearsal. 


What in Destination imagination am I the most proud of? I am most proud of me overcoming my stage fright and are group coming first place, and I also really like are skit. The reason I am really proud of coming first is at the start are group was not good at acting but at the end we worked really well together and had a lot of confidence. What do I think we could have done better is practice are Instant challenge more, because we didn’t do to good in are instant challenge.

Now my tPOL will sooner end so here’s why I think I’m ready to transition to the next grade level. I have learned and grown my skills like blogging, iPad skills, photography, drawing, group work, and problem solving. As well as most of the apps on my iPad. I have grown as an individual and I used to get mad when people gave me advice and feedback now I take it well. I also made good relationships with my piers and teachers. 

Thank you.

My DI Journey

Hi guys welcome back to another blog, today we are going to be talking about my journey through destination imagination. Destination imagination, also called DI is a tournament for kids to showcase creative and critical thinking skills to solve problems. There are many different categories, I got put  into the improv group. At first I was so scared because I was a really bad actor then overtime I learned how to act.

My Group and I had improv are challenge was called festival frenzy. There are three important things to know about this challenge, the first is that we had to research eight festivals, and we drew one from a hat then thought of something on the spot. The second is that we also draw a main goal for are skit and it could be completely random. And the final things is the fork in the road. The fork in the road is something that we also draw from a hat, but we do this in the middle of the skit.

We finished first place for improv. We were a creative team, a smart team, and a team who can problem solve. There is still lots of stuff we can get better at. If I learned one thing from DI it would be how to problem solve.

we also did these things called instant challenges. We had to do one at DI but Im am not aloud to talk About that. We did practice instant challenges at the very start of the year way before DI. Hers a picture of a bout we made for an instant challenge.


The goal in this instant challenge was to hold as many marbles as possible on a boat my team came second. This was one of are first instant challenges, and it is also my favourite one.

thank you for reading.







Renaissance A Time Of Change

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, this post is going to be about a project i recently completed about the renaissance. The goal of this project was to gain a better understanding of the renaissance and compare its inventions, societal changes, artists, and art to ours nowadays.

are end product for this project was a triptych demonstration changes and a paragraph about the most significant thing in the renaissance. A triptych is a image with a background relating to the image. It is split into three columns, the one in the middle being the biggest. My triptych has Sean sully a modern day artist compared to Leonardo da Vinci. It also contains the art piece the Mona Lisa. That is the left column on the right side it has the parachute which I think is the best invention during the renaissance. The final thing on the right side is the Protestant reformation. Then finally the modal column has my Memoji aka a emoji that looks like me, as well as modern day things similar to the stuff on the outer column. Here is my triptych.

I learned quite a lot from this project, but the one thing i want to highlight over the others is how i learned to use the app superimposeX which is an app where you design and crop images to make them how you want them to look. I used this app through the whole project and i used it to make everything I did. That was my triptych. The final thing was my paragraph on the most significant thing during the renaissance. I chose Leonardo da vinci, I choose him because he was not only an artist but also an inventor, mathematician, an architect and much more. He invented the parachute and his work has helped shape the world to be how it is today. Thanks for reading.







At seycove

                                                                    At seycove 


Hi everybody, welcome back to my blog and today we are going to be talking about my time at seycove. I know thats sounds kinda weird, but most of the kids in the Performance learning program went on a field study to loon lake I did not go. So i will be talking about my time without them at seycove. Over my time without them, the most valuable thing i learned was what its like without my piers, the answer is sad and lonely. During my time working in the library I worked on a at seycove book on book creator here it is. My book

That’s my book its about DI, teamwork, things I want to do and learn and future field studies.I like how my book turned out and i hoped you readers do to. The most enjoyable thing i did in my book is when I sketched a picture of me on a future field study in Disneyland. I have been to Disneyland before and i love it there so i would love to go there on a field study. Thank you guys for reading my blog.

My Mpol

                                                                      My Mpol 

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner. it’s about my whole process as a learner so far.

I’m going to be summarizing everything I’ve learned so far in my time in the performance learning program.


The very first class I had in high school was, scimatics it was so cool walking in, doing a Kahoot and problem solving to build a tower out of paper, i new this was the right program for me. We did three projects in scimatics, fractions of our time, tectonic chances, and the one we just finished laser laws, my favourite was tectonic chances. This was my favourite project because we got to learn about the tectonic plates and their movements by making a board game. I was in a group with Seth. Are game was called tectonic run. It’s about escaping Hawaii when the pacific plate is moving and colliding. We had tons of different aspects in are game. My biggest take aways from scimatics are how I went into it not feeling good, but now I am way better on my iPad, I feel way better at math and science. Here are pictures from the tectonic plates project.

 This was the class I thought I would struggle in but I have learned iPad skills and how to calculate and estimate. I still could get better at, handing stuff in earlier, managing my time, and communicating, those were my weaknesses of this class, now my strengths. The things i think i did best at in scimatics are, group work, creative thinking, and designing. the thing I’m most proud of in scimatics is when Seth was away it was the final day of the tectonic chances project and I was able to finish the project and problem solve to make my game better, for example we needed to print out cards so I asked max who didn’t have a group for help then hey joined are group and we designed the cards and printed them out together. I really enjoyed scimatics.


Maker is the first class I had with Mrs. Willmse and Mr. Hughes. This was a good class I learned so much from maker. It really taught me the way of technology, and how to work efficiently. I learned the most from maker because it was challenging. We had lots of projects, like one on photography, one on drawing, my first mini exhibition and many more. I learned iPad skills from maker, we created Memojis, we leaned different techniques with the iPad to help us learn efficiently. Some other things I learned were how to take a good picture or how to angle the camera to make it look exiting to the viewer. I also conquered my mindset that I couldn’t draw. In the Emily Carr project I became a really good artist, better then I thought possible. For example we had to use sketches pro to sketch and colour a beautiful landscape, and I did great. Here’s a picture.

I also had my first exhibition in maker, it was displaying are Memoji and showing us a learner and what we could do. It was so cool I met New people, I showed them my work. Each table had a theme ours was sports themed, we wore jerseys and put out trophies. I think doing this was very important because it prepared me for the big exhibition in humanities. Some things I think I could do better at in maker, I do feel like the king of tech but there is still lots of ways to work more efficiently with my iPad. I could always get better at communicating with my group, this will help me with DI to. And most of all I can stay on task. Those where my weaknesses but  I also had some strengths, for example I was a quick learner with my iPad creating my keynote tour, and putting it on my blog was easy. I also think I was a good group worker, because I played my part by helping create and design ideas, like in Di.


This is my favourite class out of all plp, it had my favourite project and I learned the most from it. This was the third class in high school it was on my second day. I walked into the class and a new chapter began. At first we were learning about advertisement, i thought we would just be doing some silly project from elementary school but then outta nowhere we are told that we’re creating an advertisement for a company local based. I got covert. Humanities was very important to me and taught me a lot, for example in maker I had a mini exhibition but in humanities I got to experience the real thing. Are exhibition in humanities had way more people and a bigger atmosphere. It was based on S.E Hintons novel the outsiders, we made tableaux based on scenes in the book,  i thought this was important because now I can be ready knowing what an exhibitions are like. Here are pictures from the ad project.

Through the the projects in humanities i had strengths and weaknesses. My biggest weaknesses, were designing i struggled with designing because i had the idea in my Mind but I couldn’t create with the materials at hand. I struggled with group communication, it was hard with six people in my group and six different ideas but it got better at the end. And the last weakness is critical thinking, after this class i was great at solving problems, but it was hard an hour before the exhibition finding a way to cover a Seycove books club banner with an outsiders theme. I got a lot better at solving problems after. My biggest strength was definitely creative thinking. I also think I did well at group work because we managed who is doing what, so we could work with more efficiency.

My biggest growth opportunities.

Over the course of my time in PLP I have learned many things. But there is still more to learn.

In the previous text I talked about all things I learned, but the one thing I didn’t say that is most important is have a good mindset. With a good mindset you can do anything. The things I need to grow at, one of things I need to grow at is managing my time, I need to work on multiple assignments, if I do this I can make time for different things, and have more quality in my assignments. I can also grow in my technology skills I feel like boss on electronics but there is still tons to learn, with that skill down I will be able to work with way more efficiency.

And the most important is working with a group, I’m pretty good at group work but it is really complex I can still communicate better and do much more to help me. To get better and fulfill these goals I’m going to manage my time via a reminders app like things, I will take breaks to refresh my brain, I will communicate positively, I will get better at communicating because I’m on sports teams and communicating is an essential part of life.

Thank you for reading

My book of poems

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to be showing you guys my boo of poems i made in the working with words project. We learned many different types of poems from a simile to a haiku there are many more.

here is a picture of my poetry teams i learned.


This shows every single poetry type and form we learned in this project. Now i will showcase my book of poems.


The driving question for this project is how may I construct test to show who I am right now.

and my answer to that question is that are poem is about the wildlife of the world fading away and we said,

Well the answer is that this poem expresses our feelings on how the world is today. With nature and how you get brought up.

thank you for reading









 My Destination imagination journey

Destination imagination is a completion where you plan, and think on the spot it’s all about critical thinking. I am pretty exited, because I’m in the improv group and it’s been really fun so far. We have practiced improv, we have practiced instant challenges, we have done lots of research, and many more. Im going to be talking about my entire journey and preparation for Di  so far. Here are some pictures.

We started off by doing instant challenges, but even before that on are first day of school we did instant challenges. These are preparing us for when we have to do them in DI. We found out are groups then studied are task. After we studied we took a test so we could understand are challenge for DI. Then my group, the improv group practiced improv, and researched for are challenge. The idea of are challenge is a character who has to have a challenge and try to reach their goal. And it takes place in a festival.

My biggest takeaways so far from DI are teamwork, dedication, communication, and critical thinking. These are important because without them you will go no where. I think Di is really going to help me. Some kids in my class have all ready done DI but this is my first time. I think my group will to good if we keep up the good work.

In my group I have, cam, Kira, Hannah, Magnus, and Caitlin. And think we make a pritty good team. On some days in DI we do instant challenges and all the groups compete, and our group won the last one. It was creating a storyline in a couple of minutes.

Laser laws

 Laser Laws

Hello fellow blog readers, today we are going to be talking about my latest project in scimatics, Laser Laws. This project is about the law of lasers and the law of reflection. How can we test the pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection? The driving question for this project is How can we test the pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection? And now I can tell you the Answer.

Let’s get right into it.

Let’s get started with my mind map 

This mind map shows my questions from the start of the project, and the answers from the end.

Questioning and guessing

I think I was accomplished, because I was actually really interested in lasers at the star of this project. I wanted to know why they go on forever, why they are different colours it’s an 

Interesting topic. I think I demonstrated accomplished, because I did all the work, I did my MindNode and was able to answer all of my questions, but I think I could do better at handing stuff in on time. Me and my group helped each other and if we didn’t understand something we would use are iPad to figure it out. We would estimate, and question ourselves to see if we are doing the best we can.

Communicating and representing 

In this competency I think I did really good. I Was able to communicate my ideas to everyone in my group. I represented my idea of a trapezoid, and that’s the shape we used for are project. For example when we couldn’t figure out where to put the mirrors, we all communicated to solve the problem, we communicated who’s doing what and how to do it. We organized are roles and it made us work way more effectively, and when the presenting day came we were ready because of how well we communicated.

Applying and innovating

In this project I really applied myself. I came up with the idea of a trapezoid and it worked out great. It took multiple try’s to get it on point and eventually it worked. We innovated it by moving the mirrors trying different techniques with the laser and eventually we got it by working as a team and putting are ideas together to form a great project. Then we all inputted are thoughts on decorating it, then we decided to make it a blue design and it turned out great.

                This is my milestone 4 right triangle I made on ray optics simulator.


My favourite thing in this project was how we got to work with actual lasers, and I didn’t expect it to look so cool at then, I expected to have it be kinda lit up but then, outta no where it was awesome how cool everyone’s designs looked like at the end of the project with all the fog it was so cool. Thank you for reading, have a good day, see you next time, by.