Becoming a plp learner

                                                    Becoming a Plp learner

This is my Blog post about becoming plp leaner, It’s about the whole journey leading up to the exhibition. We started off by walking into the plp maker room and meeting at all the teachers. Right after that we started the cup challenge, the goal was to work well with your group by stacking cups using, we each had a string that was attached to a big string circle that we had  to pick cups up with. The. We were introduced to are first project called becoming a plp learner. Everyone at are group was given a sticky note that they were supposed to wright a question on about the new project. After that are teachers told us things we would be including in it. A physical representation, the big life journal, are team contract pages, Memoji, artist statement, and a piece of creative media. The big life journal is a journal designed to teach us to be positive, set goals and reach for are goals. We did many things in the big life journal like planning are goals, planning are future, and learning about mindsets. We all added are three favourite pieces of the big life journal to are exhibition presentations. I added five jobs I wanted to try, my dream board, and my bucket list. After the big life journal we moved on to the team member contract. The team member contract page was about you as a team member, you made a promise to everyone you work with and are working with. Then came the physical creations. These were things meant to represent us, the trick was that we each got choose a box and whatever the box had we could only use that.

Then it was time for the exhibition all the the work we did in the past weeks put into one presentation. Here is my keynote tour


This is my critique sheet my Mom filled out after seeing my guided tour.


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