Emily Carr

Hello everyone, In this post I’m going to be talking about what I’ve learned experienced through my time in the Emily Carr drawing group. At the start of this journey we were split into two different groups Herzog and Carr. I was put in Carr which is a group that takes inspiration from Emily Carrs art, And makes similar pieces. throughout my time in Carr I learned multiple skills including, Using pressure, doodling, Shading, Perspective, and Using colour. All of these skills made me a way better artist. I am going to showcase the best pieces of art I made from my time with Carr.

  • Practicing shading on a mug

The big Idea of this project was to become better drawers and draw through different perspectives because that’s what Emily Carr was so good at. I think I have grown lot’s mostly in two categories. The first category is my overall art skills at the star of this project I was not the best drawer, but that was just what i said to myself, but now I’m confident that I can draw good. The other category I have improved in is my iPad skills, I know my way around it well now because of all the different tools and apps.

Create and Communicate

Through out the course of this project I Have learned how to communicate with others well but also I have learned how to communicate through art. I learned perspectives which is the most help-full way to express my art, and make it speak to people. I can use technology to create pieces of art to communicate and contact people through different platforms.

This is my favourite piece of art.

It is my favourite because i spent lot’s of time on this Piece and I love how it turned out.

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