The two best players in the world

the best, a term in soccer that describes the player with most trophies or most goals but there’s much more then that. The current two best are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the argument could go any. Some people believe Messi is better then Ronaldo because he has more player of the year awards by two. Others believe Ronaldo is better because he has more goals and has played harder leagues. In my personal opinion I think  they are equal, I think Messi’s a fantastic dribbler and Ronaldo’s a fantastic shooter.

I have huge respect for both of these players. There are other great players like Neymar, Kevin de Bruyne, Mbappe and many more. The ballon dor  is a comet ion for player of the year in Europe Messi one it this year, he has seven, Ronaldo has five. The thing I like most about Messi is how quick of a dribbler he is. The thing I like most about Ronaldo is how he is the hardest working person on the planet, and has majorly inspired me. I hope you have learned something from this post and maybe you can do some research and pick who you think is better.


here’s Messi

Here’s Ronaldo 

Thank you for reading. I hope you learned something.















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