The thing you need to play soccer.

hey everybody welcome back, In this post I’m going to be continuing the blogging series where I get to choose my topic. Before you read don’t forget to checkout my previous two posts in this series. In this post I’m going to be showing you an image I sketched about my favourite sport, which is my topic for this series. I’m going to be taking you through my entire process of drawing this.


This is the ball I tried to copy. I think I did an alright job at drawing one for my first time.

So this is my final result. So I started of by just analyzing the picture than I decided to take it in to sketches pro. I took it in and started tracing the black shapes. Then i moved on to making the white part pop out. The final thing I did was add stitch marks for it to look more realistic.

the reason I choose a ball was because without the ball you couldn’t play soccer it’s the most important part. Here’s a link to the evolution of  soccer balls. Thank you for reading and I hope this inspired you to draw your own ball.













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