My Mpol

                                                                      My Mpol 

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner. it’s about my whole process as a learner so far.

I’m going to be summarizing everything I’ve learned so far in my time in the performance learning program.


The very first class I had in high school was, scimatics it was so cool walking in, doing a Kahoot and problem solving to build a tower out of paper, i new this was the right program for me. We did three projects in scimatics, fractions of our time, tectonic chances, and the one we just finished laser laws, my favourite was tectonic chances. This was my favourite project because we got to learn about the tectonic plates and their movements by making a board game. I was in a group with Seth. Are game was called tectonic run. It’s about escaping Hawaii when the pacific plate is moving and colliding. We had tons of different aspects in are game. My biggest take aways from scimatics are how I went into it not feeling good, but now I am way better on my iPad, I feel way better at math and science. Here are pictures from the tectonic plates project.

 This was the class I thought I would struggle in but I have learned iPad skills and how to calculate and estimate. I still could get better at, handing stuff in earlier, managing my time, and communicating, those were my weaknesses of this class, now my strengths. The things i think i did best at in scimatics are, group work, creative thinking, and designing. the thing I’m most proud of in scimatics is when Seth was away it was the final day of the tectonic chances project and I was able to finish the project and problem solve to make my game better, for example we needed to print out cards so I asked max who didn’t have a group for help then hey joined are group and we designed the cards and printed them out together. I really enjoyed scimatics.


Maker is the first class I had with Mrs. Willmse and Mr. Hughes. This was a good class I learned so much from maker. It really taught me the way of technology, and how to work efficiently. I learned the most from maker because it was challenging. We had lots of projects, like one on photography, one on drawing, my first mini exhibition and many more. I learned iPad skills from maker, we created Memojis, we leaned different techniques with the iPad to help us learn efficiently. Some other things I learned were how to take a good picture or how to angle the camera to make it look exiting to the viewer. I also conquered my mindset that I couldn’t draw. In the Emily Carr project I became a really good artist, better then I thought possible. For example we had to use sketches pro to sketch and colour a beautiful landscape, and I did great. Here’s a picture.

I also had my first exhibition in maker, it was displaying are Memoji and showing us a learner and what we could do. It was so cool I met New people, I showed them my work. Each table had a theme ours was sports themed, we wore jerseys and put out trophies. I think doing this was very important because it prepared me for the big exhibition in humanities. Some things I think I could do better at in maker, I do feel like the king of tech but there is still lots of ways to work more efficiently with my iPad. I could always get better at communicating with my group, this will help me with DI to. And most of all I can stay on task. Those where my weaknesses but  I also had some strengths, for example I was a quick learner with my iPad creating my keynote tour, and putting it on my blog was easy. I also think I was a good group worker, because I played my part by helping create and design ideas, like in Di.


This is my favourite class out of all plp, it had my favourite project and I learned the most from it. This was the third class in high school it was on my second day. I walked into the class and a new chapter began. At first we were learning about advertisement, i thought we would just be doing some silly project from elementary school but then outta nowhere we are told that we’re creating an advertisement for a company local based. I got covert. Humanities was very important to me and taught me a lot, for example in maker I had a mini exhibition but in humanities I got to experience the real thing. Are exhibition in humanities had way more people and a bigger atmosphere. It was based on S.E Hintons novel the outsiders, we made tableaux based on scenes in the book,  i thought this was important because now I can be ready knowing what an exhibitions are like. Here are pictures from the ad project.

Through the the projects in humanities i had strengths and weaknesses. My biggest weaknesses, were designing i struggled with designing because i had the idea in my Mind but I couldn’t create with the materials at hand. I struggled with group communication, it was hard with six people in my group and six different ideas but it got better at the end. And the last weakness is critical thinking, after this class i was great at solving problems, but it was hard an hour before the exhibition finding a way to cover a Seycove books club banner with an outsiders theme. I got a lot better at solving problems after. My biggest strength was definitely creative thinking. I also think I did well at group work because we managed who is doing what, so we could work with more efficiency.

My biggest growth opportunities.

Over the course of my time in PLP I have learned many things. But there is still more to learn.

In the previous text I talked about all things I learned, but the one thing I didn’t say that is most important is have a good mindset. With a good mindset you can do anything. The things I need to grow at, one of things I need to grow at is managing my time, I need to work on multiple assignments, if I do this I can make time for different things, and have more quality in my assignments. I can also grow in my technology skills I feel like boss on electronics but there is still tons to learn, with that skill down I will be able to work with way more efficiency.

And the most important is working with a group, I’m pretty good at group work but it is really complex I can still communicate better and do much more to help me. To get better and fulfill these goals I’m going to manage my time via a reminders app like things, I will take breaks to refresh my brain, I will communicate positively, I will get better at communicating because I’m on sports teams and communicating is an essential part of life.

Thank you for reading

My book of poems

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to be showing you guys my boo of poems i made in the working with words project. We learned many different types of poems from a simile to a haiku there are many more.

here is a picture of my poetry teams i learned.


This shows every single poetry type and form we learned in this project. Now i will showcase my book of poems.


The driving question for this project is how may I construct test to show who I am right now.

and my answer to that question is that are poem is about the wildlife of the world fading away and we said,

Well the answer is that this poem expresses our feelings on how the world is today. With nature and how you get brought up.

thank you for reading









 My Destination imagination journey

Destination imagination is a completion where you plan, and think on the spot it’s all about critical thinking. I am pretty exited, because I’m in the improv group and it’s been really fun so far. We have practiced improv, we have practiced instant challenges, we have done lots of research, and many more. Im going to be talking about my entire journey and preparation for Di  so far. Here are some pictures.

We started off by doing instant challenges, but even before that on are first day of school we did instant challenges. These are preparing us for when we have to do them in DI. We found out are groups then studied are task. After we studied we took a test so we could understand are challenge for DI. Then my group, the improv group practiced improv, and researched for are challenge. The idea of are challenge is a character who has to have a challenge and try to reach their goal. And it takes place in a festival.

My biggest takeaways so far from DI are teamwork, dedication, communication, and critical thinking. These are important because without them you will go no where. I think Di is really going to help me. Some kids in my class have all ready done DI but this is my first time. I think my group will to good if we keep up the good work.

In my group I have, cam, Kira, Hannah, Magnus, and Caitlin. And think we make a pritty good team. On some days in DI we do instant challenges and all the groups compete, and our group won the last one. It was creating a storyline in a couple of minutes.