Canadian Election, Why Now? 🗳

Politics have never been on my interest radar but for the first project in school we are looking into Canadian politics, because guess what? There was a recent election. So far I have learned about the structure of the Canadian Government and what is going on in current Canadian politics. 

So as I said before there was a recent election these are the political parties that were running for seats:

Liberal, Conservative, NDP (New Democratic Party), Green Party, PPC (Peoples Party), Bloc Québécois. 

I have a question that I am going to try to answer in this post. Why have an election now? Every 4 years there is an election for a new prime minister and usually in October, so why have it so early, and why do it during such a difficult time for everyone? Well the simple answer is the liberal party (who was in office for the past 2 years) wanted to have a majority seating so that they could have more power over everything that goes on in Canada but I don’t think they got the results wanted. And a lot of people are a bit unhappy with the timing of the election

unfortunately I don’t do a lot research or listen a lot into political issues in my everyday life so I don’t know all of the information. So during this project I had to learn a lot that I had no idea was happening/happened. And no I am not completely clueless about what goes on in Canadian politics, but I did not know how it was structured and did not know things like what level of government solved what issues. These are some videos that helped me learn a bit more about the Canadian government.

Now I’m guessing you know that there’s a global pandemic going on if you didn’t then I have no idea where you have been the past 2 years. Because of covid 19 everyone is a little stressed out so in my opinion this was a very bad time to host an election. Non the less it did happen and I don’t think the results are what the liberal party wanted be even though they did win. 

Here is the seats before.


Here are the seats now

The liberal party wanted a majority government but instead the other parties got more seats. 

The pandemic can be a disadvantage or an advantage depending on how you approach the public. Politics are all about appealing to the public if possible the whole public but that is pretty much impossible because everyone has different opinions but when it cores to the Pandemic I would hope most people agree that it would be fantastic if it ended. So if you want to appeal to majority of the public then a good advertising point would be strategies to stop Covid 19 and get life back to normal. Here is an article on changes to the election during a pandemic

Believe it or not there was a second election (this one did not result in someone winning power, just statistics) There was a student vote. Of course students are not all educated on everything about the Canadian government but you would be surprised how many teens/young adults have very similar opinions. Here are the results to my schools election 

Now to finish this off if I were in government I don’t think I would have called an election during a time like now when everyone is so stressed especially if you want to get more voters because calling it now made people complain and get a little less supportive of your cause. Thank you for reading to the end of this post! To be clear this is just my opinion and if you have anything you would like to add or more info you think contradicts it please comment I would love to hear your ideas/opinions. 

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