Intro: these are 3 inventions that changed the world and how. Printing press. Johann Gutenberg's invention of movable-type printing made it possible to do so many thing and important things to like, The printing revolution also contributed to the Reformation that split apart the Catholic Church. Almost every one in todays time have a printer and printing presses were used so frequently and for important things to. Books, books are a big part in every persons life and they were used so much in the renaissance for law and many other reasons, they are so important so I had to include this item. They are also a huge part in passing knowledge and they are needed used and loved books are read and used so much from the renaissance to know. The clock, this was and is the most frequently used item in my life and if they were not a thing life would be so hard the renaissance made these things better and they are one of the most looked at item in the world this item is so amazing and we could not live without it. The clock has helped me and every one since the renaissance to know and I need clocks on a daily basis. In conclusion, they are all needed in are everyday life and living without them would be hard.

How I made it: I used an app called super impose and added pictures and edited them to look good, there was many mistakes along the way.


what I learned: I learned how to use super impose and a lot about the renaissance. I also learned about triptychs and a lot about that subject.


Best part and worst parts: my favourite parts were making the actual triptych it was fun and but a struggle, my least favourite part was, the research you have to do for the inventions you picked to put on your triptych.