Avatar Box Reflection

This year for the PLP program, we did a exhibition. Our theme was the movie avatar, and we had to build a box to represent our room themes dependent on avatar, for example, mine was the exploited recourses. The exhibition was pretty much what I expected it to be, because it was basically all food and presentations. I don’t think it was enjoyable, because the teacher forced you to stand for 5 hours straight and cover an entire room with paper in 2 hours. Aside from all that, I found the exhibition long and boring and im not looking forwards to the spring exhibition.

Since the theme was avatar, I did a box representing the company in the movie, the compony was cruel, only wanted to take over the planet of pandora, and they wanted to take over the na’vi’s home so earth could move to pandora. For the box, I put a big bull dozer chopping trees that could have been held home to animals and the business just wants the lumber for money and land, representing that they don’t care about anything in their way, they just want money. I painted a $100 bill burning because once the business is big enough, they don’t fully care if they lose some money. I also had a city that was taller than the trees representing how they think cities are more important than living things.

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